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New products at GreenFingers

by John - August 3rd, 2011.
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New lines at GreenFingers

Spear and Jackson Neverbend Draw Hoe

Spear and Jackson Neverbend Draw Hoe £21.99
Spear & Jackson’s Neverbend range of garden tools are highly specified and hard wearing tools. This light Neverbend draw hoe with swan neck will be ideal for your cultivating tasks. The strong blade is set at a right angle to the shaft and is solid forged for durability. The blade smoothly pulls or draws soil towards you cutting through weeds and breaking up compacted earth. If you are sowing late-season crops it is an excellent tool for making seed drills. Features: Hammer finish epoxy coated head for improved resistance to rust scratches humidity and alkalines in the soil Tubular epoxy coated aluminium shaft. Long soft-feel grip ergonomically moulded to prevent hands from slipping. Specifications: Handle length 137cm Blade width 15cm


Jundor £24.99
This Jundor award winning barbecue blower is an amazing device that removes the need for dangerous flammable fluids when keeping your barbecue or chiminea alive. This fan assisted device will also save you time by providing a steady stream of air quickly bringing the charcoal on your barbecue to the correct cooking temperature in approximately 5 minutes! It is particularly useful when adding more charcoal to a dying barbecue and as you will not need any lighter fluids you can quickly get cooking again without the taste of the food being impaired. Alternatively use to get a chiminea or solid fuel stove fire to heat quickly. The blower is light with a simple one-hand operation and the long metal tube ensures that your hands remain at a safe distance from the heat and flames. It is the simple quick and affordable solution to keeping your barbecue alive for longer. Awards: Bronze award Geneva Invention Exhibition Gold award British Invention Exhibition Requires 2x C batteries Caution! The end of the metal tube will become hot after inserting in the BBQ. Disconnect and place somewheresafe to cool down. The blower may cause sparks with some fuels.Keep out of thereach of children.

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