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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - August 3rd, 2011.
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GreenFingers reduced loads of prices today

Tap Jacket

Tap Jacket was £8.99 now £7.99
An essential winter purchase for those with outside taps. This durable thermal insulating tap jacket secured by velcro strips fits from underneath the tap and up in seconds over any size tap to prevent freezing and bursting.

Garden Ornament - Meerkat Kids At Play

Garden Ornament – Meerkat Kids At Play was £10.99 now £8.99
You can just imagine them in the wild cuddling and having fun – these excitable characters are simply delightful. Ideal for a prize spot in the garden they will play to their hearts content.The quality and detail is great and will really embellish your garden. Manufactured from resin this meerkat sculpture is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as it will not crack or chip.15cm wide x 23cm high Click here to meet the whole family LS7752D Garden Ornament – Meet the Meerkat Kids with Mum and Dad

Chapelwood Kilo Seed Feeder

Chapelwood Kilo Seed Feeder was £11.99 now £9.99
This Stainless Steel Kilo Seed feeder will remain in tact throughout all the seasons and is strong features a loop hook for hanging and a quick release lid for easy filling. Your feathery visitors will love the free flowing seed ports and you will certainly encourage wild birds in to the garden time and time again. Ideal for the keen bird enthusiast it will last for years looking modern and making an attractive addition to your garden. 1kg capacity 15 x 15 x 26cm high

Gardman Solar Bottle Light

Gardman Solar Bottle Light was £11.99 now £10.49
The Gardman solar bottle light is perfect for your home or garden supplying the darkest of rooms with light. This light would be a fantastic night light for your children

Gardman Solar Sun Jar

Gardman Solar Sun Jar was £11.99 now £10.49
The Gardman solar sun jar allows you to store some sunshine to light up your room in the evenings. This sun jar is great as a children

Spear & Jackson County Soil Rake

Spear & Jackson County Soil Rake was £17.99 now £12.99
This garden rake from Spear and Jackson’s County range has a hammer finish epoxy coated head for improved resistance to rust scratches humidity and alkalines in the soil. Fitted with a ightweight aluminium shaft this product also benfits from having a long soft-feel grip making it perfect for larger areas.137cm softgrip handle.

Ellister Parasol Base Section - 12kg

Ellister Parasol Base Section – 12kg was £14.99 now £12.99
Ensure your parasol is kept secure with this Ellister Parasol Base Section. Manufactured from resin with a steel frame and weighing 12kg it will anchor a 2m parasol safely and effectively; simply place the section over the lip of your parasol legs. Recommended parasol weights:2.1m-2.3m: 12kg-15kg2.5m-2.7m: 15kg-20kg3m: 20kg-30kg Two of these parasol base sections are suitable for use with Greenfingers Premier 3m Hanging Parasol which is available to purchase separately on the following code:Click here to view LS6243D Greenfingers Premier 3m Hanging Parasol Dimensions: 47.5 x 65 x 3.8cm high Weight: 12kg Colour: black

Meerkat Tree Stump Planter

Meerkat Tree Stump Planter was £14.99 now £12.99
Make any meerkat lovers

Garden Ornament - Zulu Soldier Meerkat

Garden Ornament – Zulu Soldier Meerkat was £14.99 now £12.99
It was a proud moment in meerkat history when great-great grandfather Private Simples Meerkat took part in the Zulu war. This Zulu Soldier Meerkat garden ornament looks great in your garden or on your patio and is an ideal gift for any meerkat enthusiast! Manufactured from resin this meerkat garden ornament will not crack or chip and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Completely frost proof and weather resistant too it

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