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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - August 28th, 2011.
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Lots of new lines added today at Dobies

Patio Raised Bed

Patio Raised Bed £11.95
These simple yet practical raised beds allow anyone to very easily and cheaply transform a corner of their patio into a productive raised bed style veg plot! Made from tough woven polyethylene with a steel supporting edge frame and drainage holes around the sides and base, they make veg growing accessible to all. 100cm (3’4″) wide x 50cm (20″) deep x 20cm (8″) high.

Rain Water Tank & Cover (420 Litre)

Rain Water Tank & Cover (420 Litre) £168.90
COVER – Open-top water tanks are not always practical (eg if you have inquisitive children) and can allow leaves and dirt into the tank. These attractive, specially designed covers are made from weather and water-resistant beech for long life, have a hinged lid to allow easy access, ensuring your tank is always clean and safe. TANK – Don’t let your valuable rainwater simply drain away – capture and store it! This high quality wooden rain water storage tank is a particularly attractive means of doing just that. The wooden slats are high-pressure impregnated with preservative for ultimate protection. The wooden construction also protects the tough moulded liner and keeps it in a perfect round shape, and there’s no risk of damage from snow or ice in winter. No base tap, so use a pump or simply dip your can! A rain trap pipe can be fitted through the lid or simply fed over the rim. Flat packed for easy home-assembly. 420 litre 88cm [34″] high x 82cm [32″] diameter.

Hose Reel Set (with 30m hose) Hose Reel Set (30m)

Hose Reel Set (with 30m hose) Hose Reel Set (30m) £32.95
A sturdy, removable wall-mounted hose reel kit, for all your garden’s watering needs. Comprises robust dispenser reel, 30m (98′) of twin-wall braided thru-flow hose to allow you to use the hose without unrolling the whole reel, 1.8cm (¾”) threaded tap connector and 1.25cm (½”) reducer, four automatic couplings, an adjustable spray nozzle and two wall brackets. Requires some home assembly.

Vegetable Storage Rack

Vegetable Storage Rack £169.95
Store your home grown vegetables in top condition with this attractive and robust storage rack. Manufactured in softwood from sustainably managed forests, it has three removable trays which are ideal for collecting and storing home grown produce. Also ideal for chitting potatoes or even storing tools. 64cm (25¼”) wide x 37cm (14½”) deep x 85cm (33½”) high. Exclusive to Ferndale.

Carrot Patio Planters 4 Planters

Carrot Patio Planters 4 Planters £26.90
Carrots aren’t a traditional choice for patio growing, as most containers aren’t deep enough to allow roots to develop properly. But now, with these specially designed planters, you can grow a bumper crop on your back doorstep. Made from tough polypropylene, in an attractive orange-red carrot colour, with drainage holes to prevent waterlogging, they can be reused year after year. Complete with handy growing guide. Planters measure 30cm (12″) x 45cm (18″) x 30cm (12″) high.

Rotoroll Automatic Hose Reel

Rotoroll Automatic Hose Reel £79.95
The Rotoroll® is a cleverly designed automatic hose reel which can be pulled out to any length, delivering water equally well whether it is fully out or fully retracted. And there’s no need to wind it back up – the special free-running hose and internal winding mechanism provide faultless recoil every time (with safety guaranteed by a “Soft Block” device that locks the reel instantly in the event of the hose being dropped accidentally). The wall bracket pivots through 180