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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - August 28th, 2011.
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Suttons Seeds has cut the price of these items

Greenhouse Bin Seat

Greenhouse Bin Seat was £13.95 now £5.95
WAS £13.95, NOW £5.95, SAVE £8.00!With a 47 litre capacity, our sturdy polypropylene Bin Seat is ideal for storing compost, tools, etc., while doubling up as a useful greenhouse seat to take the weight off your legs! 37cm (14½”) x 28cm (11″) x 56cm (22″) high. ONLY 5 LEFT. . . . . .

Garden Storage Chest (Single)

Garden Storage Chest (Single) was £44.95 now £24.95
WAS £44.95, NOW £24.95, SAVE £20.00!For all your outdoor storage needs (from garden furniture cushions to barbecue tools), our storage boxes are a must. Ideal for the patio, garden or garage, they’re robust and weatherproof (not waterproof), reinforced hinged lid that will keep contents safe, and rollers for easy relocation. Made from polypropylene. Supplied flat packed for home assembly no tools required. 67cm (27″) wide, 53cm (21″) deep, 58cm (23″) high. ONLY 6 LEFT. . . . . .

Garden Cart

Garden Cart was £48.90 now £28.90
WAS £48.90, NOW £28.90, SAVE £20.00!A versatile cart, ideal for transporting gardening tools and supplies. Its canvas bag provides plenty of carrying space, and you’ll find its wide array of storage pockets absolutely invaluable for all those bits and pieces! What’s more, it can be easily removed from the frame to carry as a tote bag or put in the wash. The carriage itself is lightweight and collapsible for convenient storage. Easy home assembly. ONLY 6 LEFT. . . . . .

Plant Hydro System Growing Kit (5 plant kit)

Plant Hydro System Growing Kit (5 plant kit) was £97.85 now £57.85
It may sound odd to grow plants without soil, but commercial growers have been achieving bumper greenhouse crops for decades this way. With these Hydro System kits, you too can enjoy the benefits; plants grow healthier, stronger and more quickly because they receive exactly the right amount of water, nutrients and oxygen exactly when they need it. Nutrients are supplied as blocks with all the natural minerals found in soil. Just plug it in, and keep the reservoir topped with water. Perfect for tomatoes and peppers in a greenhouse or conservatory. Available in two sizes: 3 Plant Kit – 40cm (16″) deep x 70cm (27½”) wide x 20cm (8″) high; 5 Plant Kit – 50cm (20″) deep x 109cm (43″) wide x 20cm (8″) high.. 5 Plant Hydro System Growing Kit. . . . .

Rain Water Tank & Cover (420 Litre)

Rain Water Tank & Cover (420 Litre) was £168.90 now £118.90
WAS £169.95; NOW £109.95; SAVE £60.00!Don’t let your valuable rainwater simply drain away – capture and store it! This high quality wooden rain water storage tank is a particularly attractive means of doing just that. The wooden slats are high-pressure impregnated with preservative for ultimate protection. The wooden construction also protects the tough moulded liner and keeps it in a perfect round shape, and there’s no risk of damage from snow or ice in winter. No base tap, so use a pump or simply dip your can! A rain trap pipe can be fitted through the lid or simply fed over the rim. Flat packed for easy home-assembly. (Available in two sizes: 420 litre 88cm [34″] high x 82cm [32″] diameter. 600 litre 88cm [34″] high x 98cm [38″] diameter.) ONLY 4 LEFT.. . . . . .