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Autumn Bedding plants offers

by Sarah - October 4th, 2011.
Filed under: Jersey Plants.

pansy flowersFantastic Autumn Bedding Bargains!
50 Garden Ready Plants from only £9.99 + 20 FREE!Now is the perfect time
to plant your Autumn Garden Ready Plants in your garden for long lasting displays
in the winter to spring.
From only £9.99 for 50 plants you will receive 20 plants FREE! That’s
less than 15p each!Our Garden Ready Plants measure approximately 6-10cm from root
to top and can be grown on in a greenhouse or conservatory, or simply planted
straight out!These great value bedding plants are perfect for winter colour.All
Garden Ready Plants are despatching now!

Can Can 50 Plants + 20 FREE, £9.99

This beautiful ruffled pansy comes in a mix of pastel colours with dark centres.

Pansy Strawberry Rose 50 Plants + FREE, £10.99
Pansy Strawberry Rose has lovely large deep pink and rose coloured flowers. It
will flower prolifically from Autumn to

Pansy Cascadia (Trailing) 50 Plants + 20 FREE, £11.99
The flowers are a mix of yellow, purple and lilac and will gently cascade over
the sides of pots and hanging baskets.
Valiant 50 Plants + 20 FREE, £11.99

In a mix of blue, primrose, white, red, rose, yellow, pink and orange. Bred for
winter performance, flowering from late winter to late spring.

Primrose Sunshine 50 Plants + 20 FREE, £11.99
A beautiful collection of yellow Primroses that are very traditional. Bring some
sunshine to your garden this Winter and in the Spring.
Perennial Prism 50 Plants + 20 FREE, £10.99
cost effective way to fill that empty border in your garden. A tray of these will
be like opening a Pandora’s Box.

Don’t forget Jersey plants offer FREE DELIVERY on EVERYTHING!