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Garden Canes

by Sarah - October 27th, 2011.
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Harrod Horticultural have these cane tops to stop you hurting yourself on canes in the garden as well as a range of canes in different sizes.
Some people prefer making wigwams of canes for beans and some people like a tunnel. To make the tunnel you need to make like a tent frame shape with two canes and tie them at the top. Firm them in well and put another two in a foot or so apart. At the top do the same and then put a cane across the top. If you have long canes you can go across several sections. FIx this top cane on as it stablises the structure. Runner beans will race along the top. There are often discussions about which makes it easier to pick the beans but it’s down to personal preference I think.

If you’re using them for tomatoes make sure they are sturdy enough as tomatoes weight a lot!

Cane Caps (pack of 10) -

Caps (pack of 10) –
Simple but very effective these Cane Caps will protect your eyes from the tips
of the many bamboo canes used in the garden for plant support purposes and are
one of those little greenhouse and garden essentials you just can’t do without!Made
from rubberised plastic the cane toppers plastic will fit sungly over bamboo
canes of all sizes and the dark green colour ensures they blend into the garden
surroundings but still offer eye and facial protection. Use the bamboo cane
caps year after year and even though they’re supplied in a handy pack size of
10 cane caps you can never have enough of them!

Bamboo Canes -

Canes –
Bamboo Canes are a mainstay of any ornamental garden allotment kitchen garden
or vegetable plot lending essential support to climbing plants appearing in
growbags to support tomatoes forming wigwams and obelisks creating framework
for crop protection cages and too many other uses to mention – these quality
garden canes will serve you well in the garden year after year. Available
in 1.2m long packs of 20 these plant support canes have been hand-picked for
quality size and shape and they’ve been thoroughly cleaned as well – they
really are an essential potting shed or greenhouse accessory. Use the bamboo
canes with the and to form cage frameworks but please be aware that as the
garden bamboo canes are a natural product their diameter can vary and we can’t
offer any guarantee that they will fit your choice of connectors.

Bamboo Canes -

Canes –
Bamboo Canes 1.5m and 1.8m long packs of 20

Bamboo Canes -

Canes –
Bamboo Canes 1.8m long packs of 20