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Stop slugs with copper

by Sarah - October 27th, 2011.
Filed under: Harrod Horticultural.

Harrod Horticultural has these slug copper tape products to help you stop slugs attacking your plants in pots. Slugs hate copper! They won’t crawl over it so it stops them climbing up plant pots.

Slug and Snail Copper Tape -

Slug and Snail Copper Tape – £6.95
Slug and Snail Copper Tape will protect your pots planters greenhouse staging and raised beds from marauding slugs and snails – it’s the go-anywhere alternative to slug rings and slug traps. Supplied in a 4m roll – plenty to kit out all your garden beds and pots for a full season. The sticky-backed slug copper tape which features a serrated edge gives both slugs and snails serious problems as they try to cross – a toxic reaction occurs between the metal and the mucus slugs and snails produce to move giving any attempted raiders an unpleasant electric shock sensation and sending them slithering back to munch on less well-protected plants!

Slug Circles (4m) -

Slug Circles (4m) – £9.95
Four metres of Slug Circle is the very last thing slugs and snails want to see arriving in your garden as this rot-resistant tough green plastic barrier and shockingly effective slug copper tape double act keeps plants of all shapes and sizes well protected from these greedy garden pests. This versatile slug defence system is simple to install – simply cut the 5cm (2) deep green plastic barrier and secure with a strip of 3cm (1¼”) wide copper tape – and rings of any diameter can be constructed within seconds. But don’t just limit your slug protection to circles; the 4 metre (13′) long flexible green barrier can be formed into almost any shape of your choice! The Slug Circles can be used to protect all susceptible garden plants – right from the smallest lettuce seedling up to an established hosta – is safe to use around children and pets and fits perfectly into any pesticide-free organic gardening set-up. Full instructions hints and tips included.”

Slug Copper Bands - Pack of 5

Slug Copper Bands – Pack of 5 £13.95
With slugs and snails consistently featuring in the top 3 of the RHS Garden Pest List these attractive Slug Copper Bands will form an impenetrable barrier up to 8.5cm (3) in height once pushed into the soil. Simply slip over individual plants or easily link bands together to form larger barriers and marauding slugs and snails that try to cross will immediately retreat once their sensitive nerve endings make contact with the copper. These simple to use copper slug defence rings will give year on year service protecting countless salads cabbages and hostas and are available in three garden-wise sizes; Small Large and Extra Large. Extra Value – Save £2 when buying twin packs (10 bands in total) of Small and Large Slug Copper Bands!”