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by Sarah - October 27th, 2011.
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Big Wildlife Garden competition!
Entry is free, and prizes will include a year’s membership of both the Royal Horticultural Society, and your local Wildlife Trust, plus attendance at a wildlife gardening masterclass at the Hampton Court Flower Show.

200 words maximum and 2-6 photos needed. The deadline is 20 May 2012.

Small Residential – (Assume your garden is small if it is 50 sq m in size, the
size of approximately four car parking spaces)
Large Residential (Assume your garden is large if it is more than 50 sq m in size,
larger than approximately four car parking spaces.)

New Residential – If you live in a new house that was completed in the past
two to three years, within a larger development of houses, then this category
is for you. Chances are your garden may have started off as, or still be, a
blank canvas. There may be a bit of lawn or even just soil. It’s what
you do to improve it that will make a difference to wildlife.

Any school, college or nursery garden managed with wildlife in mind can enter.

Are you involved with a garden collectively managed by a group of people in
your community? For example, a street or neighbourhood garden, a garden for
a place of worship or for a prison? If so then this category is for you.

Many businesses own land. Do you have a wildlife garden – or better still,
could you create a new one? If so, this category will be for you.