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Sunday Lunch Vegetable Collection

by Sarah - January 2nd, 2012.
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What a brilliant idea from Thompson and Morgan.

New product at Thompson & Morgan

Sunday Lunch Vegetable Collection - SPECIAL OFFER - 6 packets - 1 of each variety (1120 seeds in total)

Sunday Lunch Vegetable Collection – SPECIAL OFFER – 6 packets – 1 of each variety (1120 seeds in total) £7.47
Imagine going out into your garden and picking all the vegetables you need for your Sunday roast! You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you grew them yourself and that they are as fresh as they could be – and all for the price of a few packets of seed! Vegetables taste so much better when they have just been picked or pulled from the ground. Don’t waste your time with supermarket veg – there’s not much goodness or flavour in veg that’s been sitting on a shop shelf for a week and then in your fridge for a few days!
The vegetables featured here are easy to grow and will help create a delicious and nutritious Sunday lunch.
Sunday Lunch Vegetable Collection comprises one packet each of:

Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia (50 seeds)
Brussels Sprout Trafalgar (40 seeds)
Carrot Tendersnax (250 seeds)
Cauliflower Gipsy (30 seeds)
Parsnip Gladiator F1 Hybrid (300 seeds)
Pea Hurst Green Shaft (450 seeds)

This vegetable mix is a great starter pack for someone wanting to get into gardening! It’s some easy things to grow – the broad beans and peas are really easy, and the root veg need very little skill other than sowing at the right time of the year and keeping watered as the roots develop.
Cauliflowers aren’t difficult, but with the brussel sprouts are easiest started in pots and then firmly planted out.