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Kohl rabi

by Sarah - February 1st, 2012.
Filed under: Thompson and Morgan.

Thompson & Morgan has this easy to grow unusual vegetable. Should grow in most gardens with minimum effort.

Try it! It’s a bit like broccoli stems – that’s the easiest way of describing it! Slice thin to stir fry or lightly steam it!

Kohl Rabi 'Kolibri' F1 Hybrid - 1 packet (35 seeds)

Kohl Rabi ‘Kolibri’ F1 Hybrid – 1 packet (35 seeds) £2.89
Attractive, purple-skinned roots with pure white, succulent flesh, best eaten when golf ball size, although the flesh still remains succulent and bitter free when roots are larger. Easy to grow, quick to mature in under 8 weeks from sowing. Plants have a neat, compact growth making them ideal for early sowings under cloches or fleece.Prefers well-drained, moist, rich soil in full sun. A rich source of the provitamin A, vitamins C and K and folate as well as the antioxidant carotenoids b-carotene and lutein.