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plants for bees – foxgloves

by Sarah - February 16th, 2012.
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Foxgloves are fantastic plants for bees. They have a success of flowers on their long stems which means there’s flowers for the bees over a long period. The single flowers are well designed for bees to collect the nectar and they are lovely looking plants for the gardener to look at too!

Foxglovess at Thompson & Morgan – lovely flower range. They grow to different heights, make a lovely addition to a cottage garden style planting, add height. They take two years to grow from seed to flower though. So plant them in trays or start them in a nursery bed. They will often self seed once established though. Save some seed for the next year to sow another lot of plants with though so you have a success of flowers – year 1 is no flowers, year 2 is flowers, so start some more plants in year 2 from seed to in year 3 you get flowers again. After that if the conditions are right they will self seed. They don’t mind a nice shadey corner with lots of leaf mould in the soil. Traditionally a woodland edge plant I think.

Foxglove 'Foxy' - 1 packet (1500 seeds)

Foxglove ‘Foxy’ – 1 packet (1500 seeds) £1.99
‘Foxy’ is an ANNUAL foxglove. If sown indoors late winter/early spring it flowers in summer (regular foxgloves are biennial). ‘Foxy’ is dwarfer, invaluable for exposed sites in shades of pink to white with contrasting mottled throats. The flowers are useful for cutting. Flowers summer. Height: 65cm (26in).CAUTION: All Parts Are Poisonous

Foxglove 'Excelsior Hybrid Mixed' - 1 packet (2500 seeds)

Foxglove ‘Excelsior Hybrid Mixed’ – 1 packet (2500 seeds) £1.99
A most effective and spectacular strain of Foxgloves superb for shady shrub and tree areas, back of borders and excellent for cut flowers. They can really bring the early summer garden alive! Flowers early summer. Height 5ft.

Foxglove 'Pam's Choice' - 1 packet (500 seeds)

Foxglove ‘Pam’s Choice’ – 1 packet (500 seeds) £2.29
One of the best new foxgloves found in recent years. Stout, strong spires of creamy white flowers with attractive throats attractively painted in deepest burgundy. Creates an unforgettable sight when planted en masse in borders. Height 90-150cm (3-5 feet).

Foxglove 'Primrose Carousel' - 1 packet (50 seeds)

Foxglove ‘Primrose Carousel’ – 1 packet (50 seeds) £3.69
This is the first primrose-yellow Foxglove coming true from seed, which has the exciting bonus of large claret-speckled flowers which are borne all around the stem, a unique attribute in Foxgloves. Plants are approximately 30in high. therefore remarkably dwarf. Seed of the first plant of this unique yellow was discovered by chance in Suffolk by T&M customer, Miss Gage. T&M breeders have bred for dwarfness, colour and flowers all around the stem. The result is a gorgeous new garden plant. Ideal for containers or exposed situations where Foxgloves would normally falter. Also sensational when planted in drifts in the cottage garden border.

Foxglove 'Camelot Trio' F1 Hybrid - 3 packets - 1 of each variety (54 seeds in total)

Foxglove ‘Camelot Trio’ F1 Hybrid – 3 packets – 1 of each variety (54 seeds in total) £6.29
One packet each of: Camelot Cream, Lavender and Rose. The first ever F1 Hybrid Foxgloves! Spectacular plants that reliably flower in the first year, with another heavy flush of flowers in the second year. Uniform plants with high quality flower spikes in a rich carousel of colour as the speckled, jewel-like blooms open all around the stout stems, giving more impact than ever before! Ideal for shady beds and borders. Prefers any well-drained soil in part shade. Height: 90-120cm (3-4ft).

Foxglove 'Polka Dot Collection' - 6 potted plants - 2 of each variety

Foxglove ‘Polka Dot Collection’ – 6 potted plants – 2 of each variety £17.99
The longest flowering foxglovesMail order exclusiveLaunching foxgloves into the 21st century, these incredible digitalis hybrids come direct from our own breeding program. Uniform, well branched plants produce architectural flower spikes packed with evenly spaced blooms. Unlike traditional foxgloves, the sterile flowers of these incredible new varieties will last for weeks and weeks, providing a spectacular display that won’t self seed. Height: 60cm (24”). Spread: 45cm (18”).Collection comprises: Foxglove ‘Polka Dot Pippa’Foxglove ‘Polka Dot Princess’Foxglove ‘Polka Dot Pandora’