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Perfect starter plant pack for allotmenters or gardeners

by Sarah - March 1st, 2012.
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New product at Suttons Seeds

'Must-have' Veg Collection

‘Must-have’ Veg Collection £9.99
A bumper crop of delicious, nutritious veg! Nothing beats the delicious taste of freshly-harvested veg, and in this collection we have put together a selection of ‘must-have’ varieties.
Comprises: 86 plants (18 Plug Plants of Beetroot Boltardy, 9 Cabbage Frostie, 9 Cauliflower All Year Round, 25 Leek Musselburgh, 25 Onion Santero) plus packs of seeds of Broccoli Purple Sprouting, Runner Bean Armstrong, Carrot Resistafly and Parsnip Tender & True.. .
Full growing instructions included..
Delivery will be in May.

Why I think this is a great buy for gardeners.
It offers you a variety of plug plants ready to plant out just as the last frosts are coming. It takes all the effort out of trying to grow plants from seed indoors. It’s a great idea for anyone with limited windowsill space or no coldframe or greenhouse. It’s ok starting seeds off on a windowsill but when they need potting on you need more room. This is why this plant and seed pack is so good. It’ll all arrive in May – so gives you plenty of time to prepare the soil for the plants.
It removes the stress of buying several packets of seeds and having to start them all off, and if you’ve not got a heated propagator then it’ll save you worries about seeds getting too cold too! It’s an effective and efficient way of gardening. Let the experts start your plants off for you.
The carrots and parsnips can be sown straight in the ground. The runner beans can be started in pots or planted out to grow but will need a bit of cover if a frost threatens.
If you’ve always wanted to grow more plants then this is the way of discovering just how easy vegetable growing can be.

Gardening is easy if you have a little help and advice from friends and experts. On most allotment sites there will be at least one person who’s been growing vegetables for years. Experience brings with it the advantages of knowing how many seeds to plant to feed a family with a particular vegetable, dealing with pests and problems and spotting things that need to be done.
Most people on allotment sites are happy to share their info and some will even share excess plants they have. Years of experience also mean plenty of equipment like heated propagators, cold frames, and greenhouses which mean they’ll be growing more seed earlier than most other people.
You don’t have to ask them for plants anymore though! You can buy a simple pack of plug plants that will be delivered in May to your door and enable you to enjoy growing vegetables after someone else has done all the hard work of starting them off.