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Unusual to grow – Sweet potato

by Sarah - March 1st, 2012.
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More common in supermarkets now, but rarely grown.

Sweet potato offer at Suttons Seeds

Sweet Potato Beauregard Plants

Sweet Potato Beauregard Plants £12.99
Traditionally sweet potatoes have been grown from ‘slips’, but quality can be poor and results disappointing.
At Suttons They have been working to supply a better product, hence the introduction of Pot Ready Plants, produced on their nursery from virus-free stock.
These are well-rooted and actively growing, they are a significant improvement on traditional ‘slips’.
Simply pot and grow on in a frost-free environment until June, then either re-pot or plant into the garden and you should be harvesting your very own sweet potatoes this autumn!Beauregard can produce good crops of medium sized tubers in British growing conditions. The tubers have that distinctive salmon-orange flesh with a sweet pronounced flavour packed full of vitamins and iron. Simply boil, steam, bake or mash for a delicious meal.
Pack of 10 Pot Ready Plants. Full growing instructions included.. . . .

Sounds a fab way to get started growing these rather lovely vegetables. So sweet sometimes you should just pour a bit of cream on them and eat them out of the skins as dessert!
I like roasting them. Give them a wash and dry, then prick all over with a fork. Put in a roasting tin. You can tell how sweet they are as they cook and the juices come out and caramelise. I serve them as veg but you can mash them and use them in other recipes too.