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Foxes in the garden

by Diane - March 6th, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

Footprints in the snowGot foxes in the garden or on the allotment?

You can pay someone to trap and remove the fox – or you can try a free method that entails you collecting pee and then using it on the areas the fox uses. Ideally, this article says, use the pee from a male under 30.

How can you tell if you have foxes? You might hear them as they are very noisy sometimes at night. You might see them during the day sometimes but dusk you might see them scurrying about on the streets.
In summer we had the cubs playing on the allotment. They were timid but would stand and watch you until you moved a bit too close and then they would disappear away.

If you feed your cats or dogs outside then you might notice the foxes appearing to scavange any food that’s left.

This news story is worth a look –
Biggest fox shot – it’s a massive fox been caught = 38lbs!