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Spring Bulbs

by Diane - March 6th, 2012.
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Spring bulbs are fantastic for the bees! A good reason to invest a few pounds in bulbs for spring flowers. Not only do they look amazing but they are a vital support for bees in the early spring!

My crocuses are out and looking amazing and have had several bees visiting.

My daffodils in the front garden haven’t got any sign of a flower though. This is because they were planted too shallow. I didn’t plant them I hasten to add, but I keep planning on digging them up and reburying them more deeply to give them a chance of flowering.

If you have ‘blind bulbs’ then you’ve probably not planted them deeply enough.
You might be able to bury them under more soil to get the required depth but it’s probably as easy to dig them up carefully and replant.

Deadheading bulbs – do you deadhead your bulbs? If you do then you stop them making seeds and allow them to put their energy into the bulb which means they should be stronger than ever next year!