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Mow Direct Vouchers

by Diane - March 12th, 2012.
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MowDirect20 gives customers £20 off a £350 spend
MowDirect30 gives customers £30 off a £800 spend
Vouchers expire 30/04/12.

Valid across Mow Direct –
MowDirect has these great mowers available

Wolf-Garten 232-E1 Electric Lawn Mower

Wolf-Garten 232-E1 Electric Lawn Mower £139.00
This high quality entry-level electric lawn mower from Wolf is compact is size and weighs only 12 kg making it extremely manoeuvrable and easy to store. It has a long-life 1000 Watt electric induction motor and 32 cm cutting width. The height of cut can be adjusted centrally for ease of use and to ensure you always achieve the perfect cut. Other stand-out features include folding handles, grass-bag full indicator and an anti-kink cable guide. The Wolf 232-E1 Electric Lawn Mower is ideally suited for smaller gardens.

Wolf-Garten CP1000V Electric Scarifier

Wolf-Garten CP1000V Electric Scarifier £119.00
Employing Wolf’s tried and tested scarifying technology, the CP1000V Electric Scarifier will remove thatch and moss from your lawn to enable healthy growth and a lush green appearance. This compact sized model is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. It has a 30 cm working width and 1100 Watt motor making it ideal for small-medium sized lawns. A total of 10 double blades (20 edges) are employed in a rotating fixed-knife system that allows for gentle yet intensive scarifying. The collection unit is included in the price and for complete peace of mind, the Wolf CP1000V Scarifier comes with a 2 Year Guarantee.

Wolf-Garten CP32E Electric Lawn Mower

Wolf-Garten CP32E Electric Lawn Mower £89.00
This lightweight electric lawn mower from Wolf-Garten has been designed to bring you the legendary Wolf quality at a small price! Ideal for the smaller garden, Wolf’s CP32E Electric Lawn Mower has a 32 cm cutting width and ultra reliable 900 Watt induction motor. Other superior features include a central height of cut lever and grass box full indicator.

Wolf-Garten CPPE-34E Electric Lawn Mower

Wolf-Garten CPPE-34E Electric Lawn Mower £189.00
This highly versatile electric lawn mower comes with Wolf-Garten’s innovative CCM cutting system that enables you switch between collecting the grass and mulching with just the flick of a switch. It has a premium quality 1400 Watt induction motor and 34 cm cutting width making it suitable for small-medium sized lawns. Stand out features on the Wolf CPPE-34E include ball bearing wheels for smoother motion, height adjustable handlebars to suit the operator and soft-grip handles for extra comfort.

Wolf-Garten CPPE-37E Electric Lawn Mower

Wolf-Garten CPPE-37E Electric Lawn Mower £199.00
Awarded Which? magazine’s annual Best Buy status in the electric lawn mower category three years running, the Wolf-Garten Power Edition 37E has plenty of winning features to shout about. Not least is the integrated CCM system that allows gardeners to choose between cutting and collecting grass clippings or cutting and mulching them back into the lawn, by simply flicking a switch. This powerful 1500 Watt model with its 37 cm cutting width has been re-designed for this season and comes backed by Wolf’s unbeatable 5 Year Guarantee!

Wolf-Garten CPPE-40E1 Electric Lawn Mower

Wolf-Garten CPPE-40E1 Electric Lawn Mower £239.00
The new Wolf-Garten CPPE-40E1 Compact Plus Power Edition with its 40 cm cutting width is a premium quality electric lawn mower designed for medium-large lawns up to around 1 ½ tennis courts in size and the ideal choice if you are looking for a lightweight, low noise machine requiring the minimum of maintenance. It can switch instantly between collection and mulching and has a wide range of cutting heights to choose from between 2.5-8.0 cm. Powered by a high performance 1600 Watt motor, the Wolf CPPE-40E has been completely re-designed for this season and boasts a whole host of advanced features.

Wolf-Garten CPPE-40EA1 Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mower

Wolf-Garten CPPE-40EA1 Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mower £279.00
This power-driven electric lawn mower has a 2-Speed Gearbox providing self-propelled drive to the rear wheels. It’s a great effort saver and the ideal alternative to noisy and polluting petrol models. Suitable for larger sized lawns and even areas of rough grass, the new Wolf-Garten CPPE-40EA1 Electric Lawn Mower has an extremely powerful 1600 Watt motor and large-sized 40 cm cutting width. It comes with the stand out features you’d expect from a premium brand mower including central height of cut, adjustable handles and grass bag full indicator.

Wolf-Garten UV34E Electric Scarifier

Wolf-Garten UV34E Electric Scarifier £299.00
This premium quality electric scarifier from Wolf-Garten offers assured performance and unfailing reliability for the garden enthusiast seeking the very best results. It’s equipped with a 34 cm fixed knife scarifying cassette containing 16 double sided blades that will provide gentle yet intensive scarifying on medium and larger sized lawns. Powered by a 1600 Watt induction motor for ease of use and hassle-free operation, the Wolf-Garten UV34E Electric Scarifier comes with ball bearing wheels and an infinitely adjustable working height. Other superior quality features include soft grip handles for added comfort and a Flick-Flack cable guide.