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Encouraging neighbours to grow things

by Diane - March 22nd, 2012.
Filed under: General Gardening.

BTG Community veg growing project in front gardens – encouraged by the council who gave away seeds for tree pits, it started a community gardening project!

This website – Vertical Veg – shows a house that has inspired people nearby to start growing their own food!

What have I done?
I’ve potted up over 50 strawberry runners and given them away to neighbours. I’ve given away lots of raspberry canes too – again these grow as runners and are easy to pass on to people. I’ve not got 7 blackcurrant bushes to give away too – these are going to be offered to people on my allotment site first and then any leftovers will go to other neighbours. I’ll be taking more cuttings in the late summer again too though, so should have more bushes to give away next year.
I’ve also got pots of mint for people. Mint is easy to grow and well worth keeping if you like mint tea or using it in cooking!