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Fiskars Weed Puller

by Diane - April 19th, 2012.
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The Fiskars Weed Puller is the easy way of getting dandelions and other tap root weeds out of your lawn.

Fiskars Weed Puller

Great invention for removing weeds, such as dandelions, from garden without resorting
to chemicals
Deep-reaching stainless steel claws
Leverage point from ground level
Ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable working posture
Ejection system for clean and efficient result

How big is the fiskars weed removal tool? Dimensions: 998 x 300 x 95 mm
It weighs 920 g

Removing dandelions from your lawn is tedious. You can do it with a knife and cut out the plants. This involves crouching down and that’s hard work especially if you’ve got a lot of dandelions to get rid of. This tool takes away the backache of removing weeds.

You stay stood up for the weed removal process. Position the tool – just surround the centre of the weed with the lopper-like teeth at the end of the pole. You then just press your foot down on the pedal, and angle the pole towards you and pull.The weed then comes out without the need to pull any straps/levers. You have to angle the pole when you lift it out of the soil/grass otherwise the teeth don’t grasp the weed.

To eject the weed from the tool’s teeth you just slide the orange cuff in the middle of the pole downwards – it glides very, very smoothly – and the weed is expelled. Done!

You should fill the gaps in the lawn with a mix of sand and compost and grass seed. You can go round and do this after. This helps any gaps fill in and encourages more grass to grow. The gaps aren’t very big left by this tool which means you don’t need huge sacks of compost or sand to fill in the holes. By adding sand to the mix you ensure the seed can drain well and this should encourage good growth.

The task of removing dandelions is now simple and easy. And the best bit is all your friends and family will want to have a go to test it out – just make sure they are trying it on your lawn and they’ll do the work for you. This really does remove the back breaking choreness of getting a good looking lawn.
The circumference of the fiskar tool’s teeth is about 7″ (18 cm) so the puller can cover the heart of most weeds and it does get most of the root up. This reduces the return rate of weeds and if you reseed the holes then the grass can then compete better to keep the weeds away for good.

Whilst regular mowing is considered a good way of removing most annual weeds (They can’t compete with keep growing every time they’re cut, unlike grass in your lawn which loves being cut to encourage it to grow more healthily) it won’t touch dandelion weeds. This is why they’re the worst! They should also be removed to prevent the yellow heads turning white and creating clouds of seeds that just continue the problem.

The fiskar dandelion weeder is a great tool that every gardener should have to help keep their lawn looking good.

Whilst the tool isn’t cheap it does take the backbreaking work out of removing weeds from the lawn, and it is a chemical free method so if you’re after an organic garden then this is a must have. Avoiding weed killers is also a good idea if you have pets or children as you don’t have to worry about their safety with this tool at all.

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