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Grow tomatoes? You need growpots

by Diane - April 19th, 2012.
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Garden Innovations Growpot is what you need to make a growbag better!
A growbag used for growing tomatoes has a few issues – one is whether there’s enough soil for the roots (Something most gardeners worry about as growbags don’t come with a weight on!) and whether you’re watering them enough.

Garden Innovations Growpot – Pack of 3 is a pack of 3 growpots.

This is a pack of 3 growbag growpots. They have been designed to help ensure your tomatoes have a good water supply, and because they add extra soil to the growbag you get better plants. You can water more accurately using these and it’s easier to apply the liquid tomato feed when you water the growpot.
They have a special cutting ring for a quick and easy fit into growbags – this is a unique feature to the growpots and makes them so easy to fit into a growbag. You don’t need a knife or to spend ages cutting round anything to get the right size hole.

The pots have an outer trough that holds four pints of water or feed which then gradually seeps into the compost taking a constant supply.
This is perfect for ensuring your tomatoes have a steady supply and is great for the hot sunny days when you might need to water several times a day.

If your tomatoes have had blossom end rot – where the end of the tomato goes black, then you’ll know just how important watering is. One of the contributory factors to this problem with tomatoes is inconsistent watering. Using a grow pot ensures the plant gets the water it needs. It also reduces your stress levels when you’re away from home during scorching hot days worrying about your tomatoes!
You’ll need one pack for each growbag – as you can grow three tomato plants in each growbag. Whilst this may seem like a big investment (They work out about £3 each) you’ll discover that the extra crop you get from your tomatoes year after year soon pays for itself.

After all if your tomatoes dry out then the crop can be ruined – so this small outlay prevents crop loss ensuring your time and effort is well spent.

You’ll love growing tomatoes again once you’ve got these on your growbags! They’ll ensure safe and easy watering from now on which means you’ll have more tomatoes than ever!

Should last for years as they are good quality plastic. Just wash and put away at the end of the season until next year. A fantastic addition to your greenhouse!