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Edible weeds

by Diane - April 27th, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

Garlic mustardOn our allotment we have this weed growing in the edges. It’s known as Jack by the hedge or Garlic mustard.
It’s edible and tastes quite strongly of garlic!
I know this because I’ve just tasted it. You could easily use it in a salad. You can eat the flowers too and the tap root.

You can cook with it apparently or add it to a salad!
It’s a tough weed as it has chunky roots so it’s not one to throw about on your compost heap as it’ll just carry on growing. It’s quite a dominant plant so one to get off your growing space.

Because it’s edible though it’s tempting to plant a row of it on my plot and harvest it and eat it!

I think the seeds turn into red stemmed Garlic Mustard Sprouts – which also taste of garlic.

this site says it’s a biennial which grows up to three feet tall in mid-spring of its second year, flowers, produces long, narrow seedpods, and dies.
The site has some recipes for it including a garlic mustard pesto!