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Wool compost

by Diane - April 27th, 2012.
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Wool compost available at Wriggle Wrigglers! Sounds really interesting stuff.
It has high levels of potash and nitrogen – this is a great alternative to peat made from entirely renewable sources, made from bracken and wool.

Wool Compost, Wool Compost 6 x 30 litres

Wool Compost, Wool Compost 6 x 30 litres £49.25
This Wool Compost is made on Dalefoot Farm in the Lake District. The idea for the recipe came from old gardening books – from where many good ideas have been forgotten – and includes wool for its water retaining properties and bracken for its naturally high levels of potash. Made from natural and fully renewable ingredients and 100% peat free, the composts are very high quality and have a lovely soft texture; but using sustainable and natural ingredients such as these has wider environmental benefits too. Clearing the aggressive bracken from the hillsides above the farm improves the biodiversity of the whole area by providing habitat for ground nesting birds and butterflies (in particular the High Brown Fritillary). While sheep’s wool sheared each year from the neighbouring flocks helps provide an alternative source of income to hill farmers.