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Edible Flowers

by Diane - April 29th, 2012.
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Did you know you can eat some flowers? Of course cauliflowers might be the first that springs to mind!
This list at T&M lists edible flowers and offers notes on them – Edible Flowers list at
Thompson & Morgan

Of course artichokes are the flower of the plant that you eat the petals and heart of.

I know you can eat nasturtium flowers and leaves and treat the seeds as capers and pickle them!
Courgette flowers can be battered and deep fried for an interesting treat!

Capers are also a flower bud!
Elderflowers are used to make a sparkling drink!

I know you can eat chive flowers – I just like to leave them for the bees.

Some I know about are:
wild garlic, primrose and borage, ramsons, courgette flowers, saffron crocus (for stamens),
Some I didn’t know – rose petals for jam apparently!)
orange Day lilies (hemerocallis sp)

You can make rose petal sugar by adding rose petals to sugar.
You can do the same with lavender. Lavender can be used as a flavouring in biscuits too. I’ve also seen this last week on one of the food programs (royal dinner thing) that something was flavoured with gorse flowers.

If you fancy a book on the subject of edible flowers then Amazon have several!

Although not using the flowers you can make spearmint sugar by adding spearmint leaves to a jar of sugar.

Wiki has a list of edible flowers too