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Slug problem – how to solve

by Diane - July 4th, 2012.
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Nemaslug Slug KillerNemaslug Slug Killer 40 sq m – same-day despatch
This will solve your slug problem. This year is exceptionally bad for slugs! Well, good for slugs, bad for gardeners.

Nemaslug Slug Killer 40 sq m – same-day despatch

Uses microscopic worms (nematodes) which prey on slugs and kills them
Gives up to 6 weeks protection
Totally organic and harmless to wildlife, pets and children
Very easy to apply – just water in
Same-day first-class despatch (Mon-Fri, excl. bank holidays)

The easy and completely harmless way to rid your garden of one its most troublesome (and hungry) pests.
Packed in an easy-to-use powder form, Nemaslug contains a species of microscopic worms called nematodes which feed on the slugs and kill them.

Simply dissolve the pack into the required amount of water, and spray over the soil.

One application lasts up to six weeks, and there’s no need to re-apply after wet weather.

This pack will treat up to 40 square metres. The product is live, and has a shelf life of up to 4 weeks. Refrigerate on receipt, and until use. Nemaslug will remain effective for around 6 weeks, and will need to be re-applied throughout the growing season.

orders received before 2pm will be despatched first-class the same day. Working days are Monday-Friday.