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What will I do with all these courgettes?

by Diane - July 5th, 2012.
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What Will I Do with All Those Courgettes?
– Over 150 recipes for soups, salads, main courses, casseroles, breads and cakes — enable this easy-to-grow vegetable to be transformed into easy-to-make and delicious dishes.

This book will help you deal with all the courgettes you grow. Some years you’ll have so many and the neighbours will run and hide when they see you carrying sacks of them up the road. Once fellow plotholders have got bored with them to then it’s down to you to do something with them!

I made chutney from my courgette surplus last year. My family have been scoffing the chutney this year and say it’s delicious. I’ve opened a jar myself and it was very nice and espcecially good on cheese on toast!

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What Will I Do with All Those Green Vegetables

Preserving, cooking and enjoying what you grow is the end point for many gardeners. Being able to produce a chutney or jam and store it away for the winter is a fantastic feeling. Eating your own home made strawberry jam can’t be beaten! Strawberries are the thing I’ve not had a glut of until this year. I only managed to make a couple of jars of jam so I haven’t given any of that away! The blackcurrent and raspberry though was in surplus so it was mostly that jammed that people have had. I did make some mixed fruit jam – this was very much like a popular fruity drink! Delicious!