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Cornflower Meadow mix

by Diane - August 15th, 2012.
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Cornflower Meadow Seed Mix, 10g
Cornfield annuals were once a common site in fields of corn, but then agriculture went through its chemical revolution and the lovely cornfield annuals all but disappeared. Fortunately, their sheer beauty has been their saviour and they prove to be one of the easiest and most rewarding of all wildflowers to grow. Our seed mix contains the pink of Corncockle, the blue of Cornflower, the glorious reds of Poppy, the vivid yellows of Corn Marigold and the clean whites of the beautifully scented Corn Chamomile. We’ve even added a small amount of Farmer Phil’s home grown corn varieties to add that little bit of extra interest, the ripening seed is a favourite food for finches to feed to their young. Sow in autumn or spring at 3gm per square metre, rake into the surface and water if dry. If autumn sown you may get more Poppies and Corn Marigold, but the end results are always fantastic.

Cornflower Meadow Seed Mix, 20g £6.40

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Cornflower Meadow Seed Mix, 50g £10.75

Cornflower Meadow Seed Mix, 250g £42.70

Cornflower Meadow Seed Mix, 500g £75.00

Cornflower Meadow Seed Mix, 1kg £139.00