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Raspberry experiment

by Diane - November 3rd, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

Raspberry sticksI’ve cut down the autumn canes of raspberries – they’ve not quite finished fruiting but there’s nothing worth picking now. There’s just not enough sun at this time of year to make them sweeter.

So I’ve cut sticks from the stems and stuck them into a section of allotment.

Yes this is part of my ‘can’t bear to throw anything away’ style of gardening. This is also the reason I’ve got a huge bucket of blackcurrant rootlings!

The raspberry sticks vary from 6-9 inches and have just been pushed into some lumpy compost in a corner of the allotment. I’ll have a look in spring and see if they all died, or some survived. I know raspberries are usually taken from runners that escape but I thought I’d try this method – if the sticks rot then that’s fine!