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How is the allotment?

by Diane - November 5th, 2012.
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Someone asked!
Very cold yesterday! I went out but mostly to pass on some plants to someone.
I’ve got a bucket full of blackcurrant cuttings and got rid of about
12 yesterday to a plotholder!
The bees will love them so I will try and get the rest planted out soon.

I’ve got winter cabbage and purple sprouting under a net to keep the
pigeons off and have salads in the greenhouse and out on the plot but
the ones in the greenhouse will do much better.
I’ve planted shallots and garlic already and have broad beans to plant
too this month.

It’s interesting to see how some people think winter means you can’t
grow anything – you can it just takes more planning. Like the leeks
were planted ages ago and put out in to their final places in August I
think – but they’ll be there until they’re harvested from now until
spring. I planted 60 which I thought was a lot but it’s probably not
enough really lol.

I pruned the raspberries in the front garden and took some cuttings as
an experiment to see if they’d grow. If they do then I’ll have a
massive thicket of raspberries to share out or guerrilla plant.

I would like to get some guerrilla stuff done – just plant some of
these blackcurrants out and about… 🙂

The leeks is 3 a week for 20 weeks – which takes us to about March?

Someone was saying at the plot yesterday that they want to make sure they grow things that are good value for money or taste extra good.
Things like maincrop potatoes, onions, carrots are always going to be cheap/

The onions and leeks are stronger than supermarket ones.

I didn’t grow any sprouts this year – which I am now going to regret I think.