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Log splitters at Mow Direct

by Diane - December 4th, 2012.
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MD 5-Ton Electric Horizontal Log Splitter
Powerful, easy to use and very good value for money, this log splitter is an economic and effort saving way to make firewood for the winter. With a 1500w motor, safety minded two-hand operation, transport wheels and a comfortable rubber hand-grip it is easy to transport, simple to use and its 5-tons of pressure can make firewood from logs up to 25cm in diameter and 52cm long. An optional stand is available form even more comfortable use.

Einhell BT-LS 44 Electric Log Splitter (Special Offer)
With an ever increasing demand for low cost, environmentally friendly fuel sources and the popularity of wood-burners growing weekly, log splitters are becoming an essential tool for many households. The Einhell BT LS 44 Log Splitter is an excellent entry level machine, ideal for homeowners seeking a superior quality product at a low price. Offering 4 tons of splitting force on logs of up to 37cm in length with a maximum diameter of 25cm, the Einhell BT LS 44 Log Splitter is particularly easy to use thanks to the sturdy transport handle and stable leg supports. A high grade 1500 watt motor will ensure longevity and reliable operation whilst noise levels are kept to a minimum at only 78dB (A); safety during use is not forgotten with a two hand safety control and load limiting device fitted as standard. When not in use the Einhell BT-LS 44 Log Splitter is easily moved to a storage area with the aid of the sturdy transport wheels. Weight 42kg. LOOK>>>LOW, LOW PRICE!>>SAVE OVER £130! FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! EINHELL LOG SPLITTERS HAVE A 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY.

Al-Ko KHS3700L Electric Powered Hydraulic Log Splitter
The Al-Ko KHS3700L Log Splitter is powered by an 1500w motor and is an effective and efficient tool ideally suited for heavy-duty domestic use. It is easy to use and quiet sounding when in operation. The all steel construction and rigid tubular-frame design provide added robustness and the transport wheels combined with handle make it easy to manoeuvre. This hydraulic log splitter has a maximum split force of four tonnes and a maximum split length of 370mm. Weighs 35kg. FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! AL-KO LOG SPLITTERS HAVE A 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER`S WARRANTY.

Lawnflite LS1500E Electric Log Splitter
This powerful electric log splitter from leading brand Lawnflite exerts an impressive 5 tonnes of pressure enabling it spit firewood for your wood burner or log fire quickly and efficiently without the need of an axe. It can take logs up to 25 cm (10”) in diameter and up to 52 cm (20.5”) long. The Lawnflite LS1500E is a superior quality log splitter with a 1500 watt mains powered motor. An optional stand is available enabling you to work comfortably at waist height.

The Handy THLS-B Horizontal Electric Log Splitter
The Handy Electric Log Splitter is a powerful, fully portable mains-powered mechanical axe which can split up to 100 logs per hour. It turns what is a dangerous, time consuming chore into a safe and easy automatic operation. Ideal for professional or larger-scale domestic use, this log splitter accepts green and hardwood logs up to 52cm/20.5″ long by 25cm/10″ in diameter and has a massive ram pressure of six tons. The maintenance-free steel construction incorporates a self-lubricating hydraulic ram with automatic return. The Handy Log Splitter is designed for safe two-handed operation and comes with sturdy transport wheels and carrying handle. Size: 102 x 32 x 47cm (LxWxH). Weighs 47.5kg. 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY ON HANDY LOG SPLITTERS.

Al-Ko LHS6000 Electric Powered Hydraulic Log Splitter
This heavy-duty domestic log splitter delivers 6 tonnes of pressure for a fast work rate and can take logs up to 1050mm. For smaller logs up to 550mm, the base plate can be raised for comfortable waist high operation. Powered by a 3000 watt electric motor, the Al-Ko LHS6000 vertical-cut hydraulic log-splitter has a robust all-steel construction and tubular base supports for added stability. Weighs 128 kg. * The above log splitter is supplied with a 13amp plug, but in certain circumstances due to the high start up amperage AL-KO recommends that the log splitter is wired directly into a 16amp fused circuit. An information sheet is available upon request. Due to the high start up amperage we cannot guarantee that this product will not blow the 13amp fuse fitted to the plug supplied. Please call our sales staff on 0845 4588 905 for more information. FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! AL-KO LOG SPLITTERS HAVE A 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER`S WARRANTY.

Weibang LSP803E Electric Log-Splitter
If you’re looking a simple, safe and virtually effortless way to prepare large volumes of logs for the hearth or wood burner, then this hydraulic log-splitter from Weibang could well be the machine for you. It can be used both horizontally and vertically, so logs of varying weights and lengths can be processed (logs up to 58cm in length and 25cm in diameter are acceptable); and it’s powered by a high-performance 2200w electric motor, so you’ll have none of the starting-issues or maintenance-hassle so common with petrol engines. The Weibang develops a huge 8000kg splitting-force, so even the most stubborn log-types can be split with speed and efficiency.

Ardisam W1265B 12-Tonne Petrol Log-Splitter (Briggs Engine)
Powerful, versatile and easily portable, the Ardisam W1265B will prove the perfect work partner for those needing to regularly prepare large volumes of firewood. Its high-performance 206cc Briggs & Stratton engine certainly packs a punch; delivering an incredible 12-tonne splitting-force across logs of up to 21” in length. The special dual-height splitting-beam can be set to waist for comfortable splitting, or lowered to facilitate safe towing; and a heavy-duty log-cradle ensures the workpiece remains securely in place as it’s split. Additional features include two-handed operation for maximum user-safety; and a telescopic drawbar, which allows for the use of an ATV rack where required.

MD Forest King 22 Ton Tow-behind Log Splitter (Code PSP23330)
Exclusive to MowDIRECT and the best value product in its class, this 22 ton log splitter combines an extremely powerful splitting force with tow-behind convenience. It can be used for all types of wood and will split even hard and knotted pieces with ease. Ideal for estates and bigger sized properties with large quantities of wood to process, this model come with a 2″ ball-hitch and can be towed off-road at speeds up to 30 mph. Capable to being operated in a horizontal or vertical position, this affordable, high specification log splitter, will take anything from small to extra large-sized logs up to 24″ in length and 100 lb in weight. LOOK>>>LOW, LOW PRICE!>>SAVE £700!

MTD-Lawnflite LS550 25 Ton Log Splitter
This petrol powered log splitter delivers an incredible 25 tons of pressure enabling it to split quickly and efficiently large volumes of logs. It will take logs up to 63.5 cm (25”) in diameter and can even deal with difficult wood types such as knotted oak without any trouble. The powerful 6 hp Briggs and Stratton petrol engine ensures reliable operation and transport wheels allow for the log splitter to be towed or manoeuvred to a suitable on-site location without the restriction of being tied to the mains supply. For added convenience, the Lawnflite LS550 Log Splitter can also be operated either vertically or horizontally. LOOK>>>LOW, LOW PRICE!>>SAVE £500!