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Get rid of the snow

by Diane - December 4th, 2012.
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From a simple shovel to extraordinary snow ploughs!

Garant Large Canadian Snow Shovel/Pusher (45cm/18")
If the last few years are anything to go by, as the winter draws on, snow is on its way so cold weather tool experts Garant, a company with over a century of experience and innovation have created this top-quality, practical Snow Shovel/Pusher, using all their Canadian tough weather knowhow to produce a commercial grade tool constructed of top quality components. A poly pusher/shovel head with a generous working width of 45 centimetres will clear a good load of snow each time, and is made to resist wet weather and corrosion, an ash wood handle resists decay, shock and a traditional and comfortable D-grip tops the whole thing off. Extra long to reduce back strain this highly practical winter tool is ergonomic, lightweight and very affordable.

LNT Magic Ice Melt Original (10kg bag)
As each winter seems to get progressively worse, and snow threatens to clog up your days, you need something a bit special to clear your paths, walkways, car parks and other open areas. This high-quality, established de-icing melt is just the job. It is non-scratch on polished floors, will not stain carpets and upholstery, clean and easy to apply non-corrosive to metal and concrete and non-toxic to humans, animals and plants, making it ideal for schools and colleges as well as forecourts and construction sites. This versatile and effective product has been used to great effect on airport runways worldwide offers 6-10 times more coverage than rock salt, is biodegradable and is very free flowing, enabling, a 10kg bag to cover up to 2000m2

Einhell MSF 570 Manual Snow Plough
If you need to clear snow from your path or drive but you don’t need anything as complex as a powered snow blower and shovelling is not for you; why not try this ingenious manual Snow Plough from renowned German manufacturer Einhell. An auger, rather like the sort you might find on a Snow Blower, revolves as you push the plough, churning the snow up and clearing it to one side using the ‘Archimedes Screw’ principle. Sturdy but lightweight, constructed of impact resistant and corrosion proof plastic, with a 57cm working width and a folding handle to make storage easy, this handy snow-clearance-tool is a great solution for clearing smaller paths and drives this winter with the minimum of effort. LOOK>>>SPECIAL END OF SEASON PRICE WHILE STOCKS LAST!>>SAVE £70!

Wolf-Garten 42cm Plastic Snow-Shovel (SNM-42ZMAD)
Anyone who’s tried clearing large-volumes of snow and ice with a standard shovel will know what an arduous task it can be. This lightweight yet robust plastic snow-shovel from Wolf-Garten has been developed to make the job a whole lot easier, with its well-balanced design, ergonomic ‘D’-type handle and large 42cm clearing-width working to reduce fatigue and increase your work-rate.

Wolf-Garten 55cm Plastic Snow-Shovel (SNM-55ZMAD)
The frequency of extreme winter-weather events has undeniably increased over the last couple of years, and with this dedicated snow-shovel at your disposal, you’ll be able to tackle them head on. It has a very generous 55cm clearing-width (the largest in the range), so large amounts of snow can be shifted with each shovel-full; and it’s made from lightweight yet highly durable plastic, making it far less tiring to use than a traditional gardener’s or builder’s shovel.

LNT Magic Ice Melt (18.75 kg tub)
When winter chills set in and the snow is on its way, you need an effective medium to for your spreaders to prepare for the potential problems foul winters can bring. This Magic Ice Melt from LNT will do the trick easily and economically with its extensive coverage – 6-10 times more than rock salt. It is safe in application as it is completely non-toxic to flora and fauna and the fact that it is non-corrosive to metal and concrete is just one of the reasons why it is the choice of airports around the globe. Biodegradable, safe and effective it will not stain or damage fabric so there is no need for protective clothing. It can be used on all-weather pitches and will not harm grass or Astroturf so is suitable for schools, colleges and sports centres. Magic Ice Melt comes in a very practical and generous sized 18.75kg tub.

Wolf-Garten 45cm Aluminium Snow-Shovel (SNM-45ZMAD)
This robust aluminium snow-shovel from Wolf-Garten will far out-perform your old garden shovel when it comes to dealing with the sort of extreme winter-weather that’s become increasingly common in recent years. Its ergonomic ‘D’-grip handle, lightweight design and generous 45cm clearing-width all work to making lifting, pushing and throwing large-volumes of snow a great deal easier. The tempered aluminium used to make this shovel is impact-resistant down to temperatures of – 40°C.

MD 80P Walk-Behind Spreader
Don’t be unprepared when it comes to the unpredictable winter weather and the possibility of ice or snow. You can protect yourself, your workforce, your visitors or even your family from a nasty fall by clearing your path, steps, drive or forecourt with this handy and versatile MD 80P Walk-Behind Spreader. Designed with hard work in mind, the spreader has a large capacity hopper, capable of distributing over a three-metre width and carrying 80lb/36kg of spreading material. You can easily adjust the flow rate from your operating position, enabling you to calibrate on the go and the spreader is comfortable to use with its soft-grip handle and large, deeply patterned pneumatic tyres ensuring a smooth ride even in icy conditions or on awkward terrain. Foldable handles facilitate easy storage.

Stiga Snow Electric 31 Snow Blower
Compact, lightweight and effective snow clearing tools for small households are rare so this neat and practical model from Stiga is very welcome. Ostensibly an electric shovel it is designed for small households and will save effort-clearing snow on hard surfaces like paths and driveways. A maintenance and emission free 1100w electric motor powers the Electric 31 which, with it’s 23cm intake and 31 cm working width will pick up snow and throw it up to 5 metres away. Light enough to be hung up with the shovels, it has ergonomic handles and is very easy to use.

Alpina Single-Stage Electric Snow Blower (Special Offer)
This compact and simple to use snow-blower from Alpina has been developed for smaller-scale homeowner use and will enable you to keep your paths and driveways clear with minimal effort expended. It’s fitted with a powerful 1800w motor, which drives a rubber-bladed auger for a thorough ‘back-to-black’ result; and it features a hardwearing, frost-proof exit-chute, the angle of which can be controlled from the operating position. This model has a relatively narrow 45cm clearing-width, so will come into its own where space is at a premium. Good Stock Currently Available and Ready to Ship! LOOK>>>SPECIAL OFFER PRICE WHILE STOCKS LAST!>>SAVE £30!

Stiga Titan 32H 4WD Ride-on Snow Blower with Cab
We could learn a thing or two from Sweden when it comes to winter preparations, like Swedish snow experts Stiga’s great range of rugged ice and snow clearing equipment, designed to get you back in business as fast as possible. With a Euro 2 compliant, 3 cylinder Yanmar 3TNV82 Diesel 4 Stoke IDI engine behind it, this pro-machine is built to last and to work hard under cold and freezing conditions. A large capacity fuel tank makes longer working hours possible, as do comfort features like a heated cabin and suspension mounted seat with armrests. Great steering is made possible by the specially designed chassis, where the back follows the front precisely, like a mirror image, and front and rear mounted hydraulics and a PTO (Power Take Over) enables a large range of fantastic snow clearing accessories to be engaged quickly and smoothly, accessories like a fully functional, dual-stage snow blower, a robust and adjustable Snow X-blade, sand spreaders and a tough rotary brush. With fully hydrostatic transmission, infinite speed control is in your hands, and steering and handling are easy, making this one of the most efficient, high quality and feature packed ride-on snow blowers on the market.

Stiga Titan 26H 4WD Ride-on Snow Blower
If you are a large-sized business or an organisation such as a hospital or university, you need a machine with real power, flexibility, and reliability for when the snow really starts to fall. Look no further than the Stiga Titan 26H 4WD Ride-On and its armoury of high-quality snow clearing attachments. Powered by a clean, quiet, economic Yanmar 1115cc 3TNV76 diesel engine with fuel tank capacity of 42 litres for more work and less refuelling, this machine is built for the long haul. The hydraulic PTO (Power Take Over) clutch makes sure the front mounted implements are loaded quickly and smoothly, whilst fully hydraulic hydrostatic transmission gives you 4-wheel drive with detailed, infinite speed control, both forward and reverse, conquering any terrain with ease. The Stiga Titan 26H comes with a high-backed seat, with an armrest and suspension, to make the ride even more comfortable. The dual-stage snow blower attachment is a high-spec’, serious working tool as are the snow blade, rotary sweeper, sand spreader and many other accessories available with this real winter-beating machine.