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James Wongs Homegrown Revolution Book

by Diane - February 25th, 2013.
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James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution Book + FREE SEED!
Buy James’ brand new gardening book today and get 6 packets of seed worth £11.10 from his brand new seed range COMPLETELY FREE!In his new book, James’ shows us a completely new range of fruit and vegetables to grow and eat. It is also packed with tasty recipes that you can make at home with the crops that you grow!

You will learn how to harvest homegrown quinoa, your very own popcorn or plant a mini green tea plantation on your patio. This inspiring new book is great fun and full of plant wisdom. TV presenter and two times RHS medal winner James Wong shows that there’s much more to grow than potatoes and sprouts on your allotment.PLUS to get you going with your own Homegrown Revolution we will also send you 6 packets of seed from the Homegrown Revolution seed range (worth £11.10!) that we have developed with James – 1 packet each of Electric Daisy, Wintergreen, Asparagus Pea, Inca Berries, Cucamelon & Microgreen Herbs (varieties may alter subject to availability).This would make the perfect gift for newbie growers to seasoned allotment veterans – in fact anyone who grows their own will certainly enjoy this fascinating book!

Buy the book and buy the seeds!

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