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Two plants I’m growing this year

by Diane - February 25th, 2013.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

I’ve got some lovage seeds from a seed swap so am going to give that a go.
Lovage has a celery like taste and has hollow stems apparently which used to be used as flavoursome straws in a bloody mary.
I’ve picked a few borage seeds from a borage plant I’d spotted in a hedge. Hopefully they’ll grow and then I can have my own borage plants for the bees to come and love!

Borage and Lovage are two plants you might have vaguely heard of but never grown yourself. I’m keen on the idea of growing perennials – as they mean you don’t have to resow every year. The borage is a prolific self seeder I hope! The one I spotted got a bit bashed part way through the season so I’m not sure any of the second wave of flowers made it to seed.

Herb Seed – Lovage
A perennial whose leaves, stems, roots and seeds can all be used in salads, stews and casseroles.

Borage Seeds
Part of the James Wong Homegrown Revolution Range.Easy to grow. Delicious ornamental. Perfect for the gardener who wants it all. Tastes like: Green melon, cucumber, runner beans.In Britain borages cucumber-flavoured leaves and starry-blue flowers are usually confined to the herb gardens of stately homes. However on the Continent far from being a historical relic, its fresh, delicate taste with hints of green melon, makes it a common supermarket vegetable from Frankfurt to Crete. Delicious, easy to grow and stunningly ornamental, this is the ideal multi-tasking veg for the gardener who wants it all. Sow: August-September. Harvest: October-November.