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by Diane - February 28th, 2013.
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Paul Peacock has some great books you should get hold of if you’re looking at being more self-sufficient

The Sausage Book by Paul Peacock (31 Oct 2008)

Making Your Own Cheese: How to Make All Kinds of Cheeses in Your Own Home by Paul Peacock (29 Oct 2010)

Patio Produce: How to Cultivate a Lot of Home-grown Vegetables from the Smallest Possible Space by Paul Peacock (20 Apr 2009)

Allotment Manual: The Complete Step-by-step Guide by Paul Peacock (1 Mar 2012)

The Urban Hen: A practical guide to keeping poultry in a town or city by Paul Peacock (24 Jun 2009)

Keeping Bees: A Complete Practical Guide by Paul Peacock (15 Jun 2008)

Make Your Own Beer and Cider by Paul Peacock (28 Oct 2011)

HOW TO BUTCHER LIVESTOCK & GAME by Paul Peacock (5 Dec 2007)

Chickens, Ducks and Bees: A beginner’s guide to keeping livestock in the garden by Paul Peacock (25 Feb 2011)

Back to the Garden with Mr Digwell: Growing Your Own and Cooking it to Make a Little Go a Long Way by Paul Peacock (2 Jul 2009)

Grandma’s Ways for Modern Days: 2nd edition by Paul Peacock (24 Jun 2011)

Storing Your Home Grown Fruit and Vegetables: How to make your garden’s bounty last all year round by Paul Peacock (30 Sep 2011)

Mr Digwell: Gardening Year: An Invaluable Resource for Every Gardener from Novice to Expert by Paul Peacock (1 Mar 2012)

The Pocket Book of Wild Food by Paul Peacock (30 Jun 2008)

A Good Life: John Seymour and His Self-Sufficiency Legacy by Paul Peacock (17 Oct 2005)

Grandma’s Ways for Modern Days: Relearning Traditional Self-sufficiency – Gardening, Cooking and Household Management… by Diana Peacock and Paul Peacock (30 Oct 2009)

Precycle! by Paul Peacock (10 Nov 2008)

The Urban Farmer’s Handbook – Living the Good Life in the City by Paul Peacock (12 Feb 2009)

Sausage Cookbook (1 Aug 2012)

The City Cottage Self-Sufficiency Handbook: A practical guide to rural and urban self-sufficiency by Paul Peacock and Diana Peacock (25 May 2012)

Growing Vegetables Under Cover: How to Lengthen Your Growing Season and Produce by Paul Peacock (31 Oct 2012)

An Hour in the Garden: A Month by Month Guide to Creating a Beautiful Garden by Paul Peacock (24 Feb 2012)