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Outdoor Flood lights for security

by Diane - February 28th, 2013.
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LED floodlightSimply LED have LED flood lights available

Look for IP65 rated,as this product is suitable for use outdoors in all weather conditions

A great idea if you’d like to improve the security of your home. Lights that come on when people get near mean burglars are more likely to stay away and this will keep your home and garden safer.

LED Flood Light 10W, PIR Sensor (IP65, 70w Equiv.)

Keep your property protected and feel safe when you arrive home late at night with our new 10 watt LED Flood Light with PIR sensor. This LED Flood Light features a PIR sensor which can detect motion and turn on the main Flood Light.

The bright, clear light output given is perfect for dark evenings or when you arrive home late. This LED Flood Light turns on as soon as motion is detected and this in turn will help you to save even more energy as the light will only be illuminated when needed!

Being IP65 rated, this product is suitable for use outdoors in all weather conditions. The bright light out put is comparable to daylight in colour (5000 kelvin) and the rugged casing is finished in black die cast aluminium.

This Flood Light features a brilliant 900 lumen output; plenty of light to make you feel secure when arriving home. This is a popular choice for use lighting home exteriors, garages, storage or retail units.

Please note that all of our products are covered by a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied, and also a 12 month replacement warranty

This is the cheapest one they do and they have an excellent range of other led flood lights

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