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Fast compost from the aerobin

by Diane - March 13th, 2013.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

It is every gardener’s dream (or should be) to make compost fast! If you can make compost quickly then you can take up less space with composting bins and containers and return goodness to soil more quickly.

This is rather more than perhaps many people would expect to pay for a compost bin. After all you can make just a heap on the ground of material and it’ll eventually rot down.

This is the king of compost bins though.

Because it’s insulated it’ll carry on composting all year round. When normal bins slow down because they’ve got wet and cold. It’llheat up quickly and break down organic waste into good quality compost.
The system ensures that air gets to the compost throughout which speeds the process.

The Aerobin uses a patented lungR within an insulated bin to promote quick and efficient aerobic breakdown of organic matter (this aerobic process helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions). And it’s so easy to use – just open the lid, drop in organic waste and close. After a very short time, without any turning, it will become top quality compost that can be accessed from both sides as and when you need it, together with an invaluable liquid fertiliser that can be accessed via a tap at the base. Thermal insulation stabilises temperature, which is beneficial to microbial action year round, and the modern design is also vermin and pet resistant. Easy to assemble. All materials used are recyclable. 74cm (29) x 74cm (29) x 120cm (4′) high. Capacity 400 litres. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

In rural parts of the world tall sticks are used in the middle of the pile and rotated regularly to ensure air gets to the middle of the pile to speed the process up. This aerobin has a special aeration system built in.