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How to produce compost more quickly

by Diane - March 13th, 2013.
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The simple process of adding more air into a compost pile can speed up the process as the rather lovely aerobin shows. however the aerobin is a bit pricier than many people have budget for so here are some of the cheaper options available.

Rotating or rolling the compost container can aerate the compost materials, mix them all together and get hot composting process started. This means you’ll get good quality well rotted compost much mroe quickly.
You will have to check you have the right amount of moisture in the compost materials though by adding a mix and if it’s too dry then adding some water.

These are available now at Suttons.

Tumbleweed Compost Maker
A very popular design of compost maker, where, with a simple tumble, the contents are dropped from one end to the other, hitting the stainless steel breaker bar in the middle on the way. This means it gets well mixed and properly aerated, which means you get excellent quality compost in a short period of time! It’s one of the strongest bins available, with a tough UV treated polypropylene body, robust galvanised steel frame and reinforced pivots. A ventilated lid at each end ensures the compost gets properly aerated without getting soggy, and it’s easy to fill and to empty. Instructions provided for quick and easy home assembly. Assembed size: 65cm (26) wide x 85cm (34) deep x 117cm (46) high. Capacity 220 litres.

Rota Composter
Recycle garden and household waste into rich compost with this rotating composter. It has two chambers for efficient batch composting – fill one side with fresh waste while the other side is maturing. Made from robust UV-stabilised plastic, it has built-in churning paddles to break down and mix the contents for faster, more efficient composting, adjustable vents which allow variable airflow and a sliding door for easy loading and emptying. Capacity 198 litres (7cu.ft.). Flat packed for quick and easy home assembly. 71cm (28) wide x 66cm (26) deep x 93cm (361/2) high. Please allow 14 days for delivery.

The CompoSphereR is a great new way not only to make your own top quality compost, but also to transport it around the garden. Its unique spherical shape and a tread with gripped ridges makes it easy to roll around, mixing the contents, and accelerating the speed at which the waste inside turns into compost. The, when you come to use the compost, you can roll it straight to where you need it! Made from tough, 100% recycled, UV-protected plastic, its two halves ‘nest’ inside each other for easy transport or storage (fixings included to secure the hemispheres), and it has an easy-to-use twist lid. 5 year manufacturers warranty. Diameter 1.3m (4’3). Capacity 315 litres. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

Rollmix Composter
Home composting has never been easier, quicker or more fun than with the RollMix(TM) Composter. Simply add the specified mix of organic waste and water as detailed in the simple ‘how-to’ instructions and (the fun part) give it a regular roll. The polyethylene fabric traps heat, helping to create a rich, nutritious compost in as little as 6 weeks! 68cm (2’2) long x 54cm (1’8) diameter. BUY 2 SAVE £5.00!