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Broad beans

by Diane - March 28th, 2013.
Filed under: allotment.

Have been giving this cold weather some serious thought. If it continues for another month then we will be behind planting things up and sowing seeds. Whilst you can carry on planting it’s really silly to be having to clear snow off the ground before you dig it!

I’ve started some more broad beans in the greenhouse. Crimson flowered and Bunyard’s Exhibition. I did plant some out on the plot back in the autumn but it looks like either the appalling weather or mice got to them.

They’re usually very tough plants though and should come up no problem in cold weather.
I’m also worried about the bees. They’ve been out and about during the sunshine but they can’t go out when it’s this cold and snowy and so are stuck in. They’ve got extra fondant on but if they are in a tight cluster then they might not get to it when they need it.

Broad Bean ‘Bunyard’s Exhibition’ – 1 packet (30 seeds)
A gardener’s favourite for over 100 years for its reliable performance and heavy crop of long pods in most soils. The pods contain an average of 6 beans, with some up to 8 seeded. Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition has a very good flavour and excellent for freezing. Prefers well-drained, moist, rich soil

Broad Bean ‘Crimson Flowered’ – 1 packet (30 seeds)
A heritage variety with stunning crimson flowers, followed by a good crop of short, upright pods and delicious beans. Broad Bean Crimson Flowered is ideal for growing in containers as well as in the garden, or as an ornamental edible in the flower border