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Mowing the lawn

by Diane - April 29th, 2013.
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We mowed the lawn yesterday, both at home and in the apiary. When I say we, I mean I started it and then my partner took over. Mowing is a job he seems to quite enjoy now we have a petrol mower.
We have a mountfield mower.

We had to get it done bfore the rain arrived as it’d take a day to dry again and the apiary grass especially was quite long. I’ve collected all the grass cuttings up and will be using them as a mulch. It was too long to leave the grass cuttings on the grass. You can leave a light cut on the grass as a mulch but long grass just clumps too much and creates a mess when you walk through it.
The mountfield we have has two boxes for grass so it’s easy for one person to empty them whilst the other is just slotted on and the mowing continues. If you have a small lawn then you might not want two, but for a bigger lawn it’s a lovely idea.

Mountfield HP414 Hand-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower
The hand-propelled design of the Mountfield HP414 gives you ultimate control over the ground-speed in turn making it easy to mow safely and accurately around and between garden obstacles. The use of a lightweight rust-resistant polypropylene deck helps to keep the overall weight of the mower down to just 19.5kg so you’ll have no trouble pushing it along or lifting it into the car. The Mountfield HP414 Hand-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower has a smaller 39cm width-of-cut so it’s ideal for those with less substantial lawns (around 20 x 20m). It’s fitted with a 100cc Mountfield RS100 engine; a four-stroke overhead-valve power-unit that’s quiet-running clean-burning dependable and fuel-efficient. Starting is via an easy-pull recoil mechanism. Offering five preset cutting-height positions (adjustable between 25 and 70mm) the Mountfield can be set-up to suit both the grass-length and your desired finish. Cut grass is deposited in a large-capacity 40-litre collector-bag which is simple to remove and fit and ensures you’ll be able to get plenty of mowing done between emptying-stops. Other notable features include an Operator Presence Control (OPC) which acts like a ‘deadman’s handle’ for enhanced user-safety; and collapsible handles which can be folded to save space when the mower’s not in use.

Mountfield HP45 Petrol Rotary Hand Propelled Lawnmower (Exclusive Special Offer)
Representing exceptional value with class defying specifications and quality this hand propelled lawnmower is another MowDIRECT exclusive offer and delivers the kind of great cutting power durability and robust construction that you would normally expect to find way up in another price bracket. The deck is tough sturdy pressed steel for durability and a fine-looking finish. The engine is a 140cc Mountfield model offering reliable operation and lots of power. This mower is a great starter with an easy smooth and dependable recoil pull and there is an adjustable throttle mounted conveniently on the handlebar to adjust the revs. The 45 centimetre (18”) cutting width ensures first-rate coverage on medium to large lawns up to around 900m2 while remaining compact enough as a push mower to be easy to manoeuvre around the garden with simple turning assisted by the slightly larger rear wheels which are wide gripped to protect the lawn. The shape of the deck enhances airflow carrying the grass back efficiently from the smooth crisp cutting rotary blades into a grass collector. This collector is large capacity at 55 litres so you spend more time filling the collector and less time emptying it. The grass collector is made of loosely woven fabric that lets air flow through optimising the current and enhancing collection even when wet. There is a hard top to the collector which keeps the dust from rising in drier conditions. This mower offers single lever-controlled height of cut adjustment in five positions from a close cut and tight 20mm up to 70mm for longer rougher grass delivering maximum expediency and efficiency a great feature at this price. The comfort features are as top-notch as the rest of this mower the ergonomic handles and controls with a flush OPC bail arm that sits comfortably against the handle and in your hand as well as folding handles for compact and easy storage.

Mountfield SP414 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower
Easy to operate and highly-effective the Mountfield SP414 will prove the perfect purchase for those seeking a practical hassle-free way to look after a less substantial lawn (up to around 20m2). It’s characterised by its power-drive to the rear-wheels; a high-spec feature that allows for effortless mowing on slopes and areas of bumpy ground that would be difficult to traverse with a hand-push machine. The Mountfield SP414 has a compact 39cm working-width so it will come into its own in gardens with awkward corners narrow gateways and closely-spaced trees and ornaments to negotiate. It’s powered by Mountfield’s 100cc RS100 engine a four-stroke power-unit that’s renowned for its quiet clean-running and economical performance. Starting the engine is fast and dependable. Supplied with a large-capacity 40-litre grass-collector the Mountfield HP414 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower can be used for long periods between trips to the compost-heap. It’s constructed around a highly-robust polypropylene deck that won’t rust and provides lightweight durability; and if gives you the choice of five preset cutting-heights (25 – 70mm) so you’ll be able to create a fine-tuned finish and make performance-boosting adjustments to suit the conditions. Other features on the Mountfield SP414 include a fold-down handle which can be quickly collapsed to save space; and an Operator Presence Control which act like a ‘deadman’s handle’ stopping the engine (and therefore the blade) when you let go of the bail-arm.

Mountfield SP536 Self-propelled Petrol Lawn Mower (Special Offer)
This exclusive Special Offer from MowDIRECT represents real value for money and provides you with the opportunity to purchase a reliable and quality large-sized lawn mower from the UK’s leading brand at a truly affordable price. The Mountfield SP536 has an extra-wide 51cm cutting width enabling you to cover ground quickly and efficiently. It’s suitable for medium-large sized lawns up to around 55 x 55 metres. The 160cc OHV petrol engine is fuel efficient and quiet running as well as being incredibly easy to start. It offers plenty of power enabling you to tackle a variety of grass types from lawns to areas of rough. The large-sized 60 litre collector has been designed to really pack in the grass and reduce the number of stops to empty. It comes with a hard-top to stop dust rising in drier conditions and the quality fabric bag aids air flow for superior collection when it’s wet. This versatile lawn mower has a wide range of cutting heights (25-75 mm) making it suitable for long and short grass whilst the large ball bearing wheels assist mobility on uneven terrain and won’t stiffen with age. The quality steel deck on this mower provides added robustness and long term durability. It also comes with a powder coated paint finish for longevity.

Mountfield HW511-PD 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
Offering bagging; rear-discharge; mulching; and side-discharge as standard the fantastically well-equipped Mountfield HW511-PD is flexible enough to cope with a wide variety of grass-types and weather conditions. Power comes from a Mountfield RM55 four-stroke engine that has a substantial 160cc cylinder displacement and which does away with the conventional side-valve arrangement in favour of an overhead-valve one. This means a marked reduction in noise; vibration; exhaust emissions; and fuel consumption. The Mountfield HW511-PD 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower has power-driven rear-wheels so it’s particularly suited to gardens with banks and tussocky undulating areas sections to deal with. The drive wheels are far larger than the rear wheels for greater traction and improved manoeuvrability. Thanks to its generous 51cm width-of-cut this premium model will enable you to get even larger-scale jobs done in quick-time. It benefits from having five preset cutting-heights so you can choose the one that will deliver the finish you prefer (adjustment is via a single lever); and it’s fitted with a quick-release collapsible handlebar that ensures it will occupy very little space when not in use. Other stand-out features include an anti-scalp plate that works to prevent turf damage when using the lowest cutting-height; and an all-steel cutter-deck for impressive strength and durability.

Mountfield AL511-PD Aluminium-Deck Lawn Mower
Built around a forged aluminium deck that carries an impressively lengthy 20-year anti-corrosion warranty this premium-quality machine from long-established British brand Mountfield is hard to beat in terms of long-term reliability. Driving it is Mountfield’s ever popular garden-machinery engine the four-stroke RM55. These 160cc power-packs use the latest overhead-valve configuration instead of the now outdated side-valve one so you can be sure of lower fuel-costs; fewer damaging exhaust emissions; and quiet low-vibration operation. Featuring power-driven rear-wheels the Mountfield AL511-PD requires very little effort to use and will come into its own on lawns with tussocky areas and/or slopes. It’s fitted with a high-volume grass-catcher (70-litres) that’s made from breathable canvas so as to ensure it gets filled to maximum capacity; and there’s a built-in rear-deflector so you can save time by mowing without the collector where the conditions are conducive. The Mountfield AL511-PD Aluminium-Deck Lawn Mower has a substantial 51cm cutting-width that makes it the perfect work-partner for with a larger lawn (up to 55m2). A seven-stage height-of-cut ensures there’s a suitable blade setting for every eventuality; while Mountfield’s provision of a deck-wash link means the mower’s undercarriage can be easily cleaned of any detritus that might be limiting performance. Other appealing features include ball-bearing wheels that will continue to roll freely for the lifetime of the machine; and a height-adjustable handlebar which ensures gardeners of any stature can work in comfort.

Mountfield Emperor 40 Self-Propelled Cylinder Lawn Mower
If you’re looking to achieve an exceptionally close-cut finish similar to that of a bowling green or tennis court then the Mountfield Emperor 40 could be the mower for you. Its six bladed cutting-cylinder is capable of cutting up to 339 times every metre and can be height-adjusted in infinite increments between 7 and 30mm to suit your preferred finish (the average rotary mower will only cut down to around 20mm). Robust steel rollers at the front and rear of the machine will leave behind a traditional ‘Wimbledon’-style stripe. The 40cm cut 51-litre grass-collector and self-propelled drive on the Mountfield Emperor 40 combine to make it ideal for formal lawns around 55m2. It’s equipped with an ultra-reliable 127cc Briggs & Stratton engine; an overhead-valve type unit that you’ll find smooth-running environmentally-sound and easy to get started. Power from the engine is sent via a centrifugal clutch which keeps wear to a minimum and stops the engine from stalling should the cylinder come to an abrupt halt for any reason. The Mountfield Emperor 40 Self-Propelled Cylinder Lawn Mower also features an Operator Presence Control; a safety device that ensures the engine stops when you release the bail-arm.

Mountfield Emperor 50 Self-Propelled Cylinder Lawn Mower
The Mountfield Emperor 50 has been developed to achieve the sort of professional-style manicured finish you’re likely to find on a bowling-green or tennis-court. Its six-bladed steel cylinder is capable of producing an incredible 339 cuts per-minute; and is infinitely height-adjustable between 7 and 30mm so you be able to achieve a ‘just so’ finish (7mm is incredibly low when you consider that many rotary mowers will only cut down to around 20mm). Thanks to its premium-quality 127cc Briggs & Stratton overhead-valve engine you’ll find the Mountfield Emperor 50 Self-Propelled Cylinder Lawn Mower fuel-efficient environmentally friendly and smooth- and quiet-running. Power from the engine is transferred through an automatic centrifugal clutch which ensures the cylinder is only engaged when a certain RPM is reached. Offering a self-propelled drive and a substantial 50cm cutting-width the Mountfield Emperor 50 is a fast and efficient performer over larger areas. It’s equipped with a capacious 62-litre polypropylene grassbox which won’t rust and will enable you to finish the task with fewer stops; and it employs a safety-enhancing Operator Presence Control which stops the engine (and therefore the cutting-cylinder) when you let go of the main handle. This model also features heavy-duty front and rear steel rollers for that traditional striped effect.