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Special mulching mowers

by Diane - April 29th, 2013.
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Mountfield mulching mowers –
Whilst many people will leave a fine grass cut on the lawn as a mulch, there are now mowers which do some special stuff to the grass to make it a better mulch for your lawn.
Mountfield Mulching lawn mowers can recycle grass clippings by finely cutting and re-cutting the grass. This means that cuttings are easily concealed within the lawn and will easily wilt and decompose. This fine chopping of grass means the clippings get down to the earth level more easily, don’t clump and stay on the surface and are easier for worms to break down into the soil, or decompose on their own.
It’s a great idea if you have a large lawn and no space for composting a full seasons clippings. It means less work emptying boxes or raking lawns too.

We do love grass clippings as a mulch for veg beds though so if you like to use grass in your compost or as a mulch then you probably don’t want to use this feature.

You will need a lawn mower specifically designed as a mulching mower to recycle the grass correctly

Mountfield Princess 38 Electric 4 Wheel Roller Lawnmower
A premium quality lawnmower at a lower division price the Princess 38 Electric 4-Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower packs a huge technologically advanced punch with its modern brushless induction motor and delivers exemplary value for money with top notch features and unrivalled mains electric performance from a mains electric in this price range. The motor produces 1600 watts of power and very efficient performance while keeping noise to a relative whisper and performance to a maximum. Fewer wearing parts means less likelihood of maintenance being needed and the lack of emissions ensures a clean mowing experience every time. The Princess 38 is so called because it has a cutting width of 38 centimetres which is perfect for lawns of around 15m2 and delivers effective three-in-one cutting with cut and collect rear discharge with a deflector to direct the clippings to the lawn and an included mulch plug which allows mulching helping to make your lawn more healthy and greener. The cutting height of the Princess 38 lawnmower can be adjusted easily from a single point and provides 6 positions of cut from 25 millimetres all the way up to 75. The lightweight polypropylene deck features a grass comb underneath which helps to ease the grass blades into the cut and avoid scalping while enhancing the cut and aiding collection. The wheels are wide and feature rubber tyres for a comfortable and smooth run with the rear tyres being much larger (front 150mm rear 250m) assisting turning and manoeuvring. As well as the wheels the Princess 38 Princess 38 Electric has a rear roller which produces an iconic striped effect similar to that of professional mowers and as featured on cricket pitches and landscaped lawns everywhere. A rear roller also helps keep the mower balanced and the cut even especially when mowing along edges paths and borders. Fully folding handles with quick release clips allow for trouble free storage and transport of the mower. The 40-litre grass collector has a handle for easy emptying and a hard top to keep dust from rising and irritating the operator and it features a grass full indicator window for convenience. The Princess 38 Princess 38 Electric Rear Roller Lawnmower comes with fifteen metres of cable included and carries a full 1-year domestic warranty.

Mountfield Princess 42 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower
A high quality brushless induction electric motor producing 1800 watts delivering clean efficient emission free quiet power with very few parts to maintain an ample cutting width of 42 centimetres for swift effective coverage of small-medium lawns and a lightweight polypropylene chassis for easy and effortless handling make this lawnmower stand out in its class and promise quality as well as great value. The largest lawnmower in the range the superior Princess 42 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower can manage and maintain lawns of around 15m2 and is the ideal machine for smaller urban suburban or village gardens where the lawn is close to a power supply. The Princess 42 is a three-in-one machine giving you the option of cutting in three different ways. Cut and collect – with the included grass container collecting and storing the clippings until emptying rear discharge – with the built in deflector directing the clippings towards the lawn and preventing stones from being flung out and mulching – where an included mulch plug forces the grass clippings down into the lawn. This helps them to compost into the turf and can produce exceptionally healthy and verdant growth. Versatility is provided by the cutting height adjustment operated from a single-point for convenience and six positions are available from as low as 25 millimetres up to as high as 75 millimetres. The cutting deck has a built-in anti scalp grass comb feature to make sure no grass escapes cutting and ease horizontal blades into the vertical position and it will also enhance the cut and help with grass collection. Wide wheels with rubber tyres make sure every trip across the lawn is smooth and easy and the rear wheels are larger to facilitate easy turning and manoeuvring. The Princess 42 Electric has a smooth running rear roller situated between the rear wheels which creates the classic and much admired striped effect on the lawn. This roller is also useful for balancing the mower especially when cutting along the edges of paths or borders and helps keep the cut even For convenient storage the Princess 42 lawnmower has fully folding handles fitted with fast and easy to use release levers for stress free transport and storage. The grass collector has a generous capacity of 50 litres to reduce the amount of times you have to stop and empty and a carrying handle makes it easy to transport and tip while the air holes in the collector enhance airflow for better collection and the hard to keeps the dust down. A grass full indicator window also saves you from emptying until you need to. Fifteen metres of electric cable is included with the Princess 42 Electric Rear Roller Lawnmower and it carries a full 12-month domestic guarantee.

Mountfield HW511-PD 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
Offering bagging; rear-discharge; mulching; and side-discharge as standard the fantastically well-equipped Mountfield HW511-PD is flexible enough to cope with a wide variety of grass-types and weather conditions. Power comes from a Mountfield RM55 four-stroke engine that has a substantial 160cc cylinder displacement and which does away with the conventional side-valve arrangement in favour of an overhead-valve one. This means a marked reduction in noise; vibration; exhaust emissions; and fuel consumption. The Mountfield HW511-PD 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower has power-driven rear-wheels so it’s particularly suited to gardens with banks and tussocky undulating areas sections to deal with. The drive wheels are far larger than the rear wheels for greater traction and improved manoeuvrability. Thanks to its generous 51cm width-of-cut this premium model will enable you to get even larger-scale jobs done in quick-time. It benefits from having five preset cutting-heights so you can choose the one that will deliver the finish you prefer (adjustment is via a single lever); and it’s fitted with a quick-release collapsible handlebar that ensures it will occupy very little space when not in use. Other stand-out features include an anti-scalp plate that works to prevent turf damage when using the lowest cutting-height; and an all-steel cutter-deck for impressive strength and durability.

Mountfield SP505 Power Driven Combi Lawn Mower (Honda Engine)
Grass collection rear-discharge and mulching – the Mountfield SP505 Power-Driven Combi Lawn Mower has an operating-mode to suit every application. Its extremely smooth running Honda GCV135 engine is always easy to start and offers outstanding long-term reliability; while its 48cm width-of-cut and power-driven transmission combine to make this mower a great choice if you’re looking to tackle larger lawns (around 55m2) quickly and with the minimum of effort. The Mountfield SP505 is an incredibly tough machine with its forged aluminium deck prompting Mountfield to offer a 20-year warranty against corrosion. It has a nine-stage cutting-height which is quick and easy to adjust using a single lever allowing you to adapt the blade-position to suit both the conditions and your desired finish. Other key features include an Operator Presence Control (OPC) which cuts the engine when the ‘deadman’s handle’ is released improving user-safety; and a very large-capacity 70-litre grass-collector for fewer emptying interruptions.

Mountfield SP555 Power Driven Combi Lawn Mower (Honda Engine)
The Mountfield SP555 Combi Power-Driven Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower will prove a great choice if you’ve got large grassed areas that need to be regularly maintained. Its ‘Combi’ capability provides three operating modes – collection rear-discharge and mulching – so different weather conditions and grass-types won’t prove a problem. This incredibly tough lawn mower is built around an aluminium deck which comes with an impressive 10-year anti-corrosion warranty. With its high-performance 160cc Honda GCV160 four-stroke engine self-propelled drive and very generous 53cm cutting-width the Mountfield SP555 is well equipped to take-on large-scale domestic applications. The GCV160 is one of Honda’s premium residential-use power-units and is renowned for being quiet clean-running and fuel-efficient (and there’s no need to waste time preparing a two-stroke fuel mixture). The Mountfield SP555 Lawn Mower has a convenient centrally-controlled height-of-cut which can be set to nine positions between 30 and 80mm for maximum flexibility of use. It also features a very large-capacity 70-litre grass-catcher which significantly reduces the frequency of emptying-breaks; and an Operator Presence Control a fail-safe system that ensures the engine is cut when you’re not at the controls.

Mountfield 1538M SD Side-Discharge Lawn & Garden Tractor Mower (Special Offer)
As with all Mountfield lawn & garden tractors the 1538M-SD is characterised by its superior build-quality; attractive up-to-the-minute styling; and impressively low price-point. It’s a dual-capability machine with mulching and side-discharge modes offered as standard. Mulching is the obvious choice when looking after a formal regularly trimmed lawn; while side-discharge will come into its own on the sort of long damp grass found in meadows paddocks and orchards. Versatility is further enhanced by the inclusion of a tow-bar which opens-up the possibility of working with one of the many trailed attachments that are available from MowDIRECT. Under the bonnet of the Mountfield 1538M-SD Side-Discharge Lawn & Garden Tractor lies a high-performance 14.5hp GGP engine that’s the result of ten-years of rigorous testing; and which has been specifically designed for use on garden tractors. It’s an OHV-type unit so low fuel-costs and quiet low-vibration operation are guaranteed. The Mountfield 1538M-SD employs Mountfield’s ContraFlo cutting-system whereby the powerful airflow created by the counter-rotating action of the two blades works optimise performance when it comes to both mulching-capability and quality-of-cut. The blade height can be adjusted through seven stages between 25 and 80mm so you’ll have no problems managing changing conditions. Thanks to its five-speed manual transmission (plus reverse) you can drive the Mountfield 1538M-SD at a speed that best suits not only the grass-type you’re mowing but also the nature of the terrain you’re negotiating. Wide profile tyres provide the grip you’ll need when operating on hilly or muddy ground; while twin headlights mean you’ll be able to carry on working safely in low-light conditions.

Mountfield 1538H-SD Lawn & Garden Tractor (Special Offer)
The Mountfield 1538H-SD Lawn & Garden Tractor combines a very large 98cm cutting-width with a hugely powerful 14.5hp Mountfield single-cylinder engine so it will prove a great choice if you’re looking-after a very large lawn (up to two acres). Its side-discharge function is ideal for areas that are less regularly maintained; while its mulching capability comes into its own on regularly trimmed formal lawns (grass-clippings are finely shredded so they quickly rot and disappear). Large lawn-tractors can often be difficult to control and manoeuvre. Mountfield have got around this problem by incorporating a variable-speed hydrostatic-drive which allows you to adjust the ground-speed in infinite increments while on the move. This not only makes it easy to mow around and between garden obstacles but also enables you to select the most effective ground-speed for the conditions and grass-type you’re working with. Other high-specification features include Mountfield’s ContraFlo cutting-system which optimises under-deck air-flow for excellent mulching performance; and a seven-stage height-of-cut (25 – 80mm) so you can set the blade-position to create your desired finish. A tow-bar is supplied as standard.

Mountfield 1430H Lawn Tractor
A groundbreaking and very exciting breakthrough in lawn tractor design the Mountfield 1430H is the only 82cm cutting width tractor to feature twin-blade cutting action and is an innovative stylish and performance machine at a remarkably affordable price offering unrivalled collection compact ergonomic design comfort and cutting efficiency. Designed to cut on larger lawns the 1430H features a hydrostatic drive delivering precise and detailed unlimited control over acceleration and deceleration both forward and reverse without clutching or gear changing up and down to help negotiate obstacles and cut right up to edges borders or walls the tightest steering and handling available. The tractor is powered by a powerful Mountfield 7500 432cc series engine which delivers 7.5kw (2800rpm) of power to deck and wheels and ensures a dependable quiet and smooth performance. This is achieved by careful and expert engine design researched for over ten years. Bearings are used on all of the spinning surfaces within the engine with an internal oil pump ensuring that the engine is lubricated throughout without relying on oil being splashed around. The piston moves in a cast iron liner and the crankshaft is balanced to reduce vibration. Over ten years of research has gone into this engine and it shows. The six-litre fuel tank speeds up working by ensuring longer sessions with less refuelling. The non-timed non-overlapping twin-blade action of the cutting deck which cuts the whole width of the machine is carefully calibrated to maintain a smooth and even cut while avoiding any damage that might be caused by obstacles knocking the blades. The airflow created by the blades and the design of the deck facilitate unrivalled collection in wet and dry conditions with the grass stream powered straight back into the collecting bag and the bag has a very large 240 litre capacity – unusual for a tractor of this size – so you spend far less time emptying your cuttings on the compost heap and more time actually mowing Versatility and cutting power is aided by the a seven-position cutting height adjustment with a useful range of heights from 25mm up to 80mm so you can create a close clean and even cut or mow longer patches of grass with variations in between. The clean fresh lines of the tractor are both pleasing and ergonomically sound and all the controls on the Mountfield 1430H are very simple to use and specifically designed to be within optimal reach of the operator. This includes the easy-to-use cutting -height adjustment handle which requires minimum effort and engages easily The overall design of the tractor is carefully though out to make use stress free this runs to the step-through shape making it easy to get on and off the machine and the gripping but soft underfoot mounting plates/foot rests angled for optimum position. There is an ergonomically shaped seat padded for extra comfort and mounted on a spring suspension system. The seat is adjustable so you can sit in the optimum position for mowing and the moulded steering wheel is shaped and positioned for comfort and convenience. The wheels have heavy-duty pneumatic tyres for superior traction and stability in awkward terrain or muddy conditions and twin headlights let you work in poor visibility and enable working hours to be extended. A deck wash system enables you to sluice the cutting deck easily keeping the deck at its most efficient. The cutting deck is electronically engaged and is 84cm wide with the overall width of the Mountfield 1430H at 89cm so the tractor should be able to be negotiate most standard garden entrances. A deck wash system with twin hose nozzles is easily assessable from the sides of the mower without having to open any part of the machine. To enable mulching and cut and drop a deflector kit and mulch plug are available separately and this lawn tractor carries a two-year manufacturers guarantee.

Mountfield 1640H Lawn & Garden Tractor
This premium-quality lawn & garden tractor from Mountfield offers high-spec features throughout and will come into its own on lawns and informal grassed areas of up to 2.5- acres. It’s powered by a 452cc Mountfield 7750-Series engine; an overhead-valve power-unit which you’ll find smooth-running exceptionally reliable and highly economical. An electric key start starting ensures getting the engine going is a fast headache-free operation. Instead of a clunky manual gearbox the Mountfield 1640H is equipped with a hydrostatic drive. Similar to a an automatic transmission on a car this high-end feature enables you to control the mower’s speed (both forward and reverse) using a foot pedal maximising manoeuvrability when mowing around and between obstacles and making it easy to select the most effective pace for the grass conditions. A very tight turning circle (160cm) further improves manoeuvrability. Thanks to its bagging mulching and rear-discharge capabilities the Mountfield 1640H Lawn & Garden Tractor offers the versatility needed to tackle a range of different grass types. In collection-mode grass clippings are blown from the 102cm twin-blade cutter-deck into a very large-capacity 260-litre collector that makes it possible to get the job done with fewer stops. The collector can be emptied without leaving the driver’s seat and is fitted with a ‘collector full’ buzzer to let you know when it’s at capacity (this helps to stop the discharge-chute becoming blocked due to overfilling). Clumped grass-clippings around the blades and underside of the deck can seriously inhibit performance so Mountfield have equipped the 1640H with a handy deck-wash facility. Simply attach a hose turn on the water and then spin the blades – the dead grass will then be thoroughly removed. This cutter deck on this model is slightly wider than the width of the wheels so there’ll be less post-mowing trimming work to do. The Mountfield 1640H features a seven-stage height-of-cut adjustable between 25 and 80mm to suit both your preferred finish and the length of the grass you’re working on. Like the grassbox-emptying mechanism the cutting-height can be controlled from the driver’s seat (there’s no need to stop to make adjustments). Other notable features include electromagnetic blade-engagement which reduces wear and extends the life of key parts; and twin-headlights that will allow you to finish the job if you started a bit too late in the afternoon.

Mountfield 2800SH Ride-On Lawn Mower
If your lawn’s that bit too big to tackle with a walk-behind mower but not quite big enough for a fully-blown garden-tractor then the Mountfield 2800SH Ride-on Mower could be the perfect solution. Its powerful 389cc Honda GXV390 engine drives a hydrostatic-transmission which provides infinitely-variable control of the ground-speed. This high-specification feature works with the mower’s compact working-width (71cm) and tight-turning radius to make it one of the most manoeuvrable machines in its class. The engine has an electric key ignition so you’ll have none of the starting issues so common with conventional recoil-starters. Where conditions suit the Mountfield 2800SH Ride-On Lawn Mower can be used with the optional mulch-plug. Quick and easy to fit this blocks-off the discharge-chute so that clippings are held under the deck where they’re finely shredded before being forced back into the lawn surface. They’ll then quickly rot and disappear releasing valuable nutrients moisture and micro-organisms as they do so. This process will not only leave you with a beautifully verdant lawn; it will also save you time and fuel-costs as there’s no need to repeatedly drive to the compost heap to empty the collector (mulching has been shown to reduce mowing-time by up to 30-percent). The very large-capacity 170-litre grass-catcher on the Mountfield 2800SH can be emptied from the driver’s seat and is equipped with an audible ‘collector full’ alarm. This is a handy feature as it prevents the discharge-chute becoming clogged in turn ensuring you won’t have to waste time and effort unblocking it by hand. This fantastic little ride-on also features a seven-step height-of-cut adjuster (30 – 80mm) so you can make performance-boosting changes to the blade position where necessary. It’s ideally suited to lawns up to 1.5-acres in area.

Mountfield 3600SH Lawn & Garden Tractor (Honda Engine)
The Mountfield 3600SH combines practicality convenience and exceptional performance so will prove a great buy for those seeking an effective and hassle-free way to maintain a lawn between one-and-a-half and two acres. It’s fitted with a powerful and ultra-dependable Honda GXV390 engine that’s equipped with an electric key starter so grappling with a starter rope will become a thing of the past. A very large-capacity 4.5-litre fuel-tank helps to keep downtime to a minimum. One of the many stand-out features on the Mountfield 3600SH Lawn & Garden Tractor is its foot-operated hydrostatic-drive. This works much like an automatic gearbox in a car – the more firmly you press the pedal the faster the forward-speed. A separate pedal controls the reversing speed. The hydrostatic-transmission on this model combines with light-touch steering and a very tight turning-radius to make highly manoeuvrable so it will really come into its own if you’ve got trees shrubs borders and difficult corners to deal with. It cuts beyond the width of the wheels which means there’ll be less strimming work to do once you’ve finished mowing. Thanks to its flexible seven-stage cutting-height (adjustable between 25 and 80mm) the Mountfield 3600SH can be set-up to achieve great results on any grass type (the height is controlled by a handily positioned lever). Its 92cm twin-bladed cutter-deck ensures a neat and thorough cut and is equipped with a hosepipe attachment which makes cleaning the underside of the deck a fast hassle-free operation. The Mountfield 3600SH also features a large-capacity grass-collector that will hold an impressive 260-litre of grass-cuttings. The collector has an audible ‘collector full’ warning which means you won’t have to clear the inevitable blockage that will occur should it be overfilled. It can be tipped and emptied without leaving the driver’s seat. A mulching-kit can be purchased separately while a tow-bar is supplied as standard.

Mountfield 2135H Front Cut Ride-On Mower W/ 85cm Multiclip Cutter Deck
A dedicated mulching mower the Mountfield 2135H is ideal for larger formal lawns where collection is not required. Instead of being bagged cut grass is held under the 85cm twin-bladed cutter-deck where it’s finely chopped by contra-rotating blades before being deposited on the lawn surface. The mulch will then quickly decompose and disappear furnishing the turf with condition-enhancing nutrients as it does so. The Multiclip deck on the Mountfield 2135H is front-mounted so you’ll be able to access areas that would be impossible to reach with a mid-deck machine. There are nine deck-heights (30 – 80mm) so you can select the one that’s most appropriate for the length of grass you’re mowing. Power for this high-specification machine comes from a 344cc (13.5hp) Briggs & Stratton AVS overhead-valve engine that offers commercial-grade performance and rock-solid reliability. A key-type ignition system means there’s no need to grapple with a starter-cord as you would with a traditional recoil-type mechanism. The Mountfield 2135H Front Cut Ride-On Mower has been equipped with a front-wheel hydrostatic-drive that gives you infinitely variable speed-control for enhanced manoeuvrability and flexibility-of-use. Rear-wheel steering contributes further to the machine’s agility. The steel frame chassis on this model brings with it an impressive 10-year warranty.

Mountfield 1840H Lawn Tractor Mower (Special Offer)
A lawn tractor with a big cutting width for larger gardens. Powered by a powerful V-Twin Briggs & Stratton engine the Mountfield 1840H Lawn Tractor has a hydrostatic transmission and is fitted with a 102 cm (40″) working width “Contra-Flo” cutter deck. It’s suitable for gardens up to 3 acres and a pleasure to drive. The Mountfield ‘ContraFlo’ system uses significantly less power than traditional lawn tractors; as a result fuel consumption and noise are kept to a minimum. Grass is cut and ejected at high velocity into the 300 litre capacity collector in one smooth efficient operation. An audible alarm sounds when the collector is full; the collector can be emptied from the driving seat. Garden debris such as fallen leaves or pine needles can also be collected. The deck features a wash facility that utilizes any hose with snap-on connector. Cleaning after use is simplicity itself. Key information is shown on the steering console in an illiminated display. The cutter deck has an electronic engagement and gives a high quality of finish and collection. Operator comfort is a high priority with hydrostatic transmission for infinitely variable speed control an adjustable seat and ergonomically placed controls. A tow bar and mulching plug are are included as standard.

Mountfield 4155H Front Cut Sit-On Mower W/ 95cm Multiclip Cutter Deck
Featuring Mountfield’s groundbreaking Multiclip recycling technology and built to the most exacting standards this top-of-the range mulching machine is the practical and convenient way to keep a large formal lawn in tip-top condition (it’s recommended for areas up to 2.5-acres). The Mountfield 4155H is a purpose-built recycler so you’ll save a great deal of time due to the fact that you won’t have to collect and dispose of cut grass. Instead of being sent to a catcher clippings are chopped into tiny fragments that will quickly rot and vanish from the turf leaving you with a neat and naturally well-nourished lawn. The 95cm front-mounted cutter-deck on the Mountfield cutter-deck not only provides you with an unobstructed view of the cutting-path but also allows you to mow under low-hanging trees and into awkward corners. In addition because the wheels don’t flatten the grass prior to cutting you’ll get a far more consistent finish. Power for this high-specification ride-on is supplied by an industrial-grade AVS-type unit from the world’s leading small-engine manufacturers Briggs & Stratton. Rated at a huge 15.5hp the engine benefits from an overhead-valve configuration that leads to lower fuel-costs; improved reliability; and quieter smoother-running performance (when compared to a similarly-rated side-valve unit). An electric key ignition eliminates starting-headaches. Thanks to its articulated steering system and infinitely-variable foot-pedal operated hydrostatic drive the Mountfield 4155H could not be easier to control and manoeuvre. The hydro drive also makes it simple to select the most effective ground-speed for the terrain and grass conditions. In order to ensure you can achieve the finish you’re looking for Mountfield have equipped the 4155H with a nine-step cutting-height; adjustable between 30 and 90mm. Also worth noting is the impressive 10-year warranty that comes with the steel frame chassis.

Mountfield 2248H Lawn Tractor Mower (Special Offer)
A powerful lawn tractor for larger gardens. Power and performance are standard on this top of the range 2248H lawn tractor. With its high output 122cm/48″ ‘ContraFlo’ cutting system large areas of grass really are cut down to size. At the heart of the machine is a 22hp Briggs & Stratton twin cylinder Intek engine a quiet and efficient source of power to an infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission that delivers smooth and controllable drive to the wheels. As with all models in the Mountfield lawn tractor range operator comfort is a high priority the control levers and pedals on the 2248H are located within easy reach of the driving position. The high back comfort seat is fully adjustable and the steering console features an illuminated diagnostic display. An audible alarm activates when the collector is full automatically resetting once it has been emptied. When conditions are suitable collection and disposal of grass clippings can be eliminated by fitting the mulching kit supplied. From fine lawns to unruly paddocks you can be confident that the Mountfield 2248H can take a heavy workload in its stride delivering unbeatable cutting performance and setting the standard in lawn care. A tow bar and mulching plug are supplied as standard. LOOK>>