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Electric lawnmowers

by Diane - May 2nd, 2013.
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Time for a new mower?

Qualcast Concorde 32 Electric Cylinder Lawn Mower
If you’re looking for a practical and convenient way to create a close-cropped striped finish on a smaller lawn then this quality electric cylinder-mower from long established British manufacturers Qualcast ticks all the boxes. It’s fitted with an energy-efficient and therefore money-saving 400w motor which like all the parts on this model has a lengthy five-year guarantee. The motor will prove quiet in operation and will obviously give you none of the starting or maintenance problems you’d likely encounter with a petrol engine. The Qualcast Concorde 32 is equipped with a 32cm ‘Quattro-Cut’ cylinder that will create the sort of attractive manicured finish that can only be achieved with a cylinder mower. A full-width rear-roller not only leaves a traditional striped effect but also provides stability when mowing along borders; while a flexible cutting-height range (12 -42mm) makes it possible to achieve great results no matter what the conditions. Other features on the Qualcast Concorde 32 Electric Cylinder Lawn Mower include a 23-litre grassbox for fewer time-consuming emptying-stops; and a ‘Z’-fold handlebar for more compact storage. A 40ft (12m) power-lead with fitted plug is included.

Brill Evolution 33EM Electric Lawn Mower
This feature-packed lawn mower from German-manufacturers Brill utilises their revolutionary space-saving technology. This allows the mower to be stored upright with the handle folded around the body so you’ll be able to find a spot for it in the most cluttered or space-restricted shed. It also offers a compact 33cm width-of-cut making ideal for those with a smaller lawn (around 400sq. m.). The Brill Evolution 33EM Petrol Lawn Mower driven by a 1000w electric motor so it’s quiet and clean-running and will require little or no maintenance. Brill’s advanced air-management system ensures under-deck air-flow is optimised lifting grass prior to cutting for a close finish and sucking clippings efficiently into the 28-litre collector. The collector is enclosed to prevent dust and pollen rising-up and is equipped with a handy fill-level indicator. In addition there’s no need to bend over to remove the collector for emptying so this model will prove a great choice if you’ve got a bad back. Thanks to its centrally controlled (single lever) cutting-height the Brill Evolution 33EM couldn’t be easier to set-up to suit the conditions. The blade can be set right down to 16mm so you’ll be able to create a really close bowling-green type finish.

Wolf-Garten Expert 34E Electric Lawn Mower
The Wolf Expert 34E is a premium quality electric lawn mower that is highly versatile and possesses numerous stand-out features that separates it from the crowd. Chief among them is Wolf’s Cut Collect Mulch system that gives you the choice between collecting the grass and switching to mulching. This can be done simply and easily with just the switch of a lever and gives you the in-built versatility you need to get the best results from your lawn mower. Powered by a high-performance 1400 Watt induction motor the Wolf Expert 34E Electric Lawnmower will take small-medium sized lawns in its stride. It has a 5-point centrally controlled height of cut lever giving you a range of cuts from 2-6 cm depending on conditions. Ball bearing wheels offer smoother motion and the mower’s lightweight design (15 kg) makes it particularly manoeuvrable. The handlebars can be adjusted to suit the height of the operator and comfort is further enhanced by the soft-grip design. User convenience is also to the fore with a grass bag full indicator advising you when to empty. This helps prevent clogging – one of the main factors that causes a mower to underperform – and ensures messy clumps of grass don’t get deposited on your lawn as a result of the grass bag overfilling. The Wolf Expert 34E Electric Lawnmower also comes with a Flick-Flack cable guide that keeps the power cord away from your feet and Anti-kink to stop you getting in a tangle.

WOLF-Garten Ambition A34E Electric Push Lawn Mower
Compact lightweight and incredibly quiet at just 88 dB (A) the WOLF-Garten Ambition A34E Electric Push Lawn Mower is the ideal all-round solution to mowing small lawns in an urban or suburban garden Driven by a powerful 1200-watt induction electric motor providing cutting strength combined with low maintenance no emissions and clean quiet efficiency the Ambition A34E offers very good value for money and functionality with its robust construction and sophisticated safety and cutting features. The lightweight high-quality plastic chassis means handling and manoeuvrability are optimised while the cutting deck with a 34 centimetre working width is height adjustable with five positions ranging from 30 to 70 millimetres delivering cutting versatility in varying conditions. A rear discharge lawn mower manually powered needs good collection and WOLF-Garten cutting decks create a back draft which literally shoots the cuttings back into the grass collector. The collector has a good volume of 40 litres to cut down on emptying time and is made of a high-grade fabric which is breathable so the air flows through and assists the collection. This prevents clumps of grass getting blocked or lowering the volume of the collection. The lid of the bag is hard so dust is prevented from rising and irritating the operator. The fabric construction of the collector also means it is easy to store. There is a bag full indicator included so you do not have to keep stopping and starting to check grass levels The rear wheels of the WOLF-Garten Ambition A34E are a little larger and higher than the front wheels so the turning radius is tighter and steering is easier to carry out. Storing the mower in your shed garage or workroom is made easy by the folding handlebars with their quick-release levers and there is an integrated and useful carry-handle to make transporting the mower even easier. The controls make operating the mower very easy with a bail-arm and there is a built-in ‘flick-flack’ – cable tidy/cable relief so the cable does not get tangled stretched or caught up with your feet. This feature-packed and great value lawnmower also comes with fifteen metres of cable and a Two-Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Brill Evolution 36EM Electric Lawn Mower
The Brill Evolution 36EM is packed with technology and is one of the most practical convenient and effective electric lawnmowers on the market. Its powerful 1300w motor offers performance levels comparable to those of many petrol engines but with none of the associated problems (noise dirt starting etc); while its twin-channel under-deck airflow system works to ensure a classy cut with no blade of grass escaping collection. Built to last the Brill Evolution 36EM’s robust polypropylene body ensures it’s more than capable of withstanding any knocks or bumps it might encounter. Its compact 36cm width-of-cut and hand-push design combine to make it highly manoeuvrable so it’s ideal for smaller lawns (around 500sq. m.) especially those with tight-corners and narrow gateways to negotiate. It shrinks even further for storage with Brill’s innovative design allowing it to be stored upright with the handlebar folded around the body (the purchase of the optional bracket will enable you to hang it on a wall). Another premium feature of the Brill Evolution 36EM Electric Lawn Mower is its 36-litre grass collector. It’s fully enclosed so allergy-causing pollen and dust are kept contained; and it’s equipped with a level-indicator minimising the likelihood that you’ll over-fill and block the discharge-chute. The collector has been specially designed so you don’t have to bend down to lift it off for emptying. This model also offers a flexible seven-stage cutting-height (16 – 70mm) which is controlled by a single lever for ease-of-use. 16mm is an exceptionally low setting for a rotary mower and with the blade set to that position you’ll be able to create an ultra-close finish.

WOLF-Garten Ambition 38E Push Electric Lawnmower
Ideal for getting around a compact garden its shape and low weight enabling you to ease it around borders along edges and between shrubs the WOLF-Garten Ambition 38E Push Electric Lawnmower is a great value machine with some high-end features representing incredible value in its price bracket. Built to be sturdy with it’s high-quality plastic chassis and large high rear wheels providing smooth running and stability as well as a tight and sharp turning radius yet easy to handle and manipulate at a very manageable 18kg the WOLF-Garten Ambition 38E is ideal for smaller gardens and lawns. Under the bonnet of the 38E is a powerful and efficient 230-volt/1600-watt induction motor. In electric induction motors the power is transferred to the rotor by electromagnetic induction and so they offer efficient and clean power with no brushes to wear out and are exceptionally rugged and durable. Being electric of course there are no emissions the noise is kept down to a ‘neighbour-pleasing’ 90dB (A) and you do not have to worry about refuelling topping up oil or messy maintenance. Just plug in and mow. The cutting width of 38cm ensures a decent coverage on smaller lawns and you can adapt to varying conditions and create the finish you want by adjusting the cutting height centrally controlled with an easy to use lever. The heights available are in five positions ranging from a low and crisp 30mm up to 70mm. When it comes to collection the Ambition 38E is self-helping with the cutting action itself the movement of the fast spinning blades creating a current of air which takes the clipping back into the grass collector. This is assisted by the construction of the collector which is a fabric bag with a weave designed to allow air to pass through helping avoid blockages and keeping the clippings separated for the optimum collection possible even in wet conditions. The bag takes a generous 50 litres of clipping s and because it is fabric it is also easy to collapse and store. The lid however is rigid and non-porous to keep dust down inside the bag during dry conditions. For convenience and to avoid over filling and spilling a bag full indicator is featured on the grass collector lid. Remove the bag and a built-in deflector drops down so you can just cut-and-drop if you need to. An integrated carry-handle makes the Ambition 38E easy to move around and the handles fold away also helping with both transport and compact storage. A convenient cable guide (‘flick-flack’) takes the cable away from your feet and the cable is anti-kink helping efficiency. The power is controlled by a handy bail-arm mounted on the handlebar for one or two-handed operation. The WOLF-Garten Ambition is shipped with a full Two-Year Warranty.

Flymo Glidemaster 380 Electric Hover Lawn Mower
The Flymo Glidemaster 380 Electric Hover Lawn Mower will make light work of the small to medium-sized lawn. Its high-performance 1750w motor drives a 38cm metal blade for a clean uniform cut; and its four-step height-of-cut (12 – 32mm) allows you to set the blade-position to suit the grass-length and weather-conditions. Making the most of Flymo’s advanced air-cushion technology the Flymo Glidemaster 380 hovers just above the surface making it incredibly easy to manoeuvre. Its highly efficient collection system ensures clippings are compacted in the generous 35-litre collector for fewer emptying-stops. The grass-collector pops up between the handlebars for easy removal and is equipped with a vision-window so you can keep track of the level. Additional features include a front-roller for easy transport; and a 15m mains cable which can be tidily stored thanks to Flymo’s Easi-Reel system.

Flymo Glidemaster 340 Electric Hover Lawn Mower
Thanks to Flymo’s advanced hover technology the Flymo Glidemaster 340 glides effortlessly across the lawn in all directions. Its 1550w electric motor will prove far more reliable than a petrol engine and develops enough power to deal with difficult grass conditions; while its four-stage height of cut (12 – 32mm) allows you to set the blade-position to suit preferred finish. The Flymo Glidemaster has a 34cm width-of-cut so it’s perfect for the smaller lawn and won’t take-up much space in the shed or garage. Its large-capacity 30-litre grass-collector compacts clippings for longer run-times between emptying-breaks. It also has a vision-window so you can keep track of how full it is. Other features include a transport roller so it’s easy to push along without the motor running; a metal blade for a sharp clean cut; and a generous 15m cable which gives you plenty of freedom to roam.

Hayter Envoy Electric Rear-Roller Lawn Mower (Code: 100) (Special Offer)
The futuristically designed Envoy lawn mower brings the legendary quality of Hayter into the small garden market. With a high impact lightweight plastic deck for robustness and easy manoeuvrability this mains electric machine is competitively priced and conforms to all Hayter’s stringent quality standards. It has a 14″/36cm cut and 1400 Watt Induction motor for increased power. The Envoy is fitted with a comfortable full width bail arm which incorporates a safety switch and the full width split rear-roller provides the perfect striped finish. The lightweight fabric grassbag is easily removed and the handlebars fold down for storage. The 7 height of cut settings are controlled by a single lever and have a range of 13-60mm. Front fins noticeably improve the quality of cut and the smooth under deck offers improved grass collection and reduced noise. Ideal for lawns of ½ tennis court plus in size.

Mountfield Princess 42 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower
A high quality brushless induction electric motor producing 1800 watts delivering clean efficient emission free quiet power with very few parts to maintain an ample cutting width of 42 centimetres for swift effective coverage of small-medium lawns and a lightweight polypropylene chassis for easy and effortless handling make this lawnmower stand out in its class and promise quality as well as great value. The largest lawnmower in the range the superior Princess 42 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower can manage and maintain lawns of around 15m2 and is the ideal machine for smaller urban suburban or village gardens where the lawn is close to a power supply. The Princess 42 is a three-in-one machine giving you the option of cutting in three different ways. Cut and collect – with the included grass container collecting and storing the clippings until emptying rear discharge – with the built in deflector directing the clippings towards the lawn and preventing stones from being flung out and mulching – where an included mulch plug forces the grass clippings down into the lawn. This helps them to compost into the turf and can produce exceptionally healthy and verdant growth. Versatility is provided by the cutting height adjustment operated from a single-point for convenience and six positions are available from as low as 25 millimetres up to as high as 75 millimetres. The cutting deck has a built-in anti scalp grass comb feature to make sure no grass escapes cutting and ease horizontal blades into the vertical position and it will also enhance the cut and help with grass collection. Wide wheels with rubber tyres make sure every trip across the lawn is smooth and easy and the rear wheels are larger to facilitate easy turning and manoeuvring. The Princess 42 Electric has a smooth running rear roller situated between the rear wheels which creates the classic and much admired striped effect on the lawn. This roller is also useful for balancing the mower especially when cutting along the edges of paths or borders and helps keep the cut even For convenient storage the Princess 42 lawnmower has fully folding handles fitted with fast and easy to use release levers for stress free transport and storage. The grass collector has a generous capacity of 50 litres to reduce the amount of times you have to stop and empty and a carrying handle makes it easy to transport and tip while the air holes in the collector enhance airflow for better collection and the hard to keeps the dust down. A grass full indicator window also saves you from emptying until you need to. Fifteen metres of electric cable is included with the Princess 42 Electric Rear Roller Lawnmower and it carries a full 12-month domestic guarantee.