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Rhubarb flowers

by Diane - May 2nd, 2013.
Filed under: allotment.

rhubarb flowers

rhubarb-flowers-dissectedI’ve got several rhubarb plants. Two of them have already produced 4 flower stalks each. This means the plant is stressed. Whether it is because of the cold weather and then the dry weather I am not sure, but I do know the plants aren’t happy.

The flower stalks are strange looking chunky upright shoots that are quite thick. You can pull them off or cut them out if you find that easier.

I’ve removed four and cut a couple in half to show the pale pink cauliflower like flower inside. The large flower on the right was starting to unfurl.

It looks like it might be an interesting flower. I might leave the next one I find to flower properly so I can get photos of this too!
The idea of removing them as soon as you see them is that the plant puts a lot of energy into making the flowering shoots and so it takes away essential energy from the rest of the plant’s crop.
More flower heads means less edible rhubarb.
I think it’s time for a crumble!