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New products at Garden Centre Online

by Sarah - May 8th, 2013.
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Garden Centre Online just added these new items

Salix Flamingo Tree Pair

Salix Flamingo Tree Pair £29.98
The Salix Flamingo TreeThe Flamingo Salix is an extremely popular plant.Fast-growing with new shoots which are pink and white.  These will go on to fade to green as the leaves age with time.Initially yellow catkins appear in spring prior to the leaves forming.Summer is the time of year when it really shines…as the leaves turn a glorious & vibrant pink colour. The branches are long and slightly droopy, giving a relaxed feel.All in all its features make it an ideal small tree for growing planted in pots on the patio nad perhaps positioning either side of a dorway.Plants are supplied in pairs.  They will come in black pots & stand approx. 1m tall with around 30cm diameter heads

Pair of BUXUS Balls

Pair of BUXUS Balls £19.98
Buxus Ball Pair. These popular Evergreens come potted in a 3litre pot ready to make an instant impact on your patio or balcony. The beautifully sculptered balls with their dark green, glossy leaves are easy to care for and can be grown in any well draining soil.If you fancy something different let your creative side run wild and sculp your own design or trim to keep the perfect ball. Buxus balls require very little attention making them perfect for any low maintenence garden, patio or balcony. A trim in the summer and a good top dressing of compost in the spring will see your Buxus thrive year after year.

EXOTIC NERIUM Collection - Set of 4

EXOTIC NERIUM Collection – Set of 4 £14.96
Exotic Oleander collection – Set of 4 1.5L potted plants. A breath taking spectacular of colourful blooms will add a real mediterian feel to your garden with this collection, with a mix of Red, White, Yellow and pink Oleander your garden will spring to life. Plant on the patio or balcony to add instant impact to any small space.  Flowering from May to September the oleander exudes a sweet perfume scent all summer long. Simple to grow and easy to care for, loving hot, dry weather, though are very hardy and will grow throughout the winter. Plant in late spring, in any soil type providing it is well drained. Prune in September or October to get beautiful blooms the following year. Can be pruned into a tree or can be left as a bush to cover unsightly areas of the garden. So No surprise that this is one of the UK’s best loved hardy exotics! Winter hardy to -5c. Caution toxic if Eaten!

Spear & Jackson Soft Feel Scissors

Spear & Jackson Soft Feel Scissors £5.95
Spear & Jackson Soft Feel Scissors Durable chrome steel blades Soft grip for comfortable use Blade Size 48mm (1 7/8 inches ) Handle Size 108mm (4 1/4 inches )

14 inches  Hanging Basket Coco Liner

14 inches Hanging Basket Coco Liner £1.31
Keeps soil in your hanging basket as well as retains moisture to help your plants grow. Use with hanging baskets