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The best garden ever

by Diane - May 9th, 2013.
Filed under: General Gardening.

My gran’s garden was just so busy. Tons of fruit trees: apples, damson, victoria plum, yellow and purple gauges. Massive strawberry bed, huge load of daffodils for cutting for church, massive rows of veggies in the back, and the prettiest garden in the front packed with flowers and shrubs. A huge row of rhubarb, a mint bed under the washing line and raspberries.
It did mean being sent over for picking beans and other veg rather than being sent to the shop.
I wish I had photos of it in mid-summer. Of the branches of the fruit trees being laden down with plums, the soft sweet juicy flesh of a ripe victoria plum eaten out in the sunshine next to lavender bushes buzzing with bees, watching the foxgloves full of bees and butterflies dancing by on the breeze.