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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - August 1st, 2013.
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MowDirect just added these new items

Snapper ERDV-21750HW 3-in-1 Variable-Speed Petrol Lawn Mower

Snapper ERDV-21750HW 3-in-1 Variable-Speed Petrol Lawn Mower £529.00
The Snapper ERDV-21750HW offers a range of high-specification solutions to the problems commonly encountered by those maintaining paddocks, long-grass areas and substantial formal lawns. Key to its outstanding versatility is its four-in-one capability, which allows you to choose between bagging, mulching or rear/side-discharging grass clippings, in turn making it possible to tackle a wide variety grass-types and weather conditions. In collection-mode, clippings are sent to a huge 80-litre catcher; the largest available in this model’s class. Powered by a 163cc Briggs & Stratton 750-Series four-stroke engine, the Snapper ERDV-21750HW 3-in-1 Variable-Speed Petrol Lawn Mower is exceptionally reliable, cheap to run and offers clean, low-emission performance. The engine is equipped with B & S’s ReadyStart system, which brings with it a guarantee that it will start within just two pulls; no choke or fuel-priming required. The stand-out feature on the Snapper ERDV-21750HW is its variable-speed power-drive (0 – 6.4km/h). This premium feature means you’ll be able to slow down for safe and accurate mowing around obstacles, like trees, bushes and ornaments. You can then select a faster ground-speed as you prepare for an unbroken straight-line pass (power-driven mowers come into their own on lawns with slopes or areas of bumpy terrain). As if it weren’t versatile enough, this model also incorporates a nine-stage height-of-cut (30-90mm), which is quick and easy to adjust using a single-point lever. With nine preset cutting-heights at your disposal, you’ll be able to create the exact finish you’ve been looking to achieve. Built to provide you with years of unfailing service, the Snapper ERDV-21750HW is built around a robust and highly durable steel chassis; and runs on a set of ball-bearing mounted wheels that won’t become stiff with age. An ergonomically designed, height-adjustable handlebar works with conveniently-positioned controls to ensure you’ll be able to complete the job in comfort.

Wolf-Garten Expert 40EA Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mower (Showroom Model)

Wolf-Garten Expert 40EA Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mower (Showroom Model) £229.00
This premium brand lawn mower from Wolf is one of the very few self-propelled electric models available on the market and offers a genuine alternative to petrol powered machines. There’s no re-fuelling or messy oil changes required and it operates at a far lower noise levels. Zero emissions are of course another obvious benefit. Equipped self-propelled drive to the rear wheels, the new Wolf-Garten Expert 40EA Electric Lawn Mower is a class leader. It has a high performance 1600 Watt induction motor for long term reliability and maintenance free operation. The cutting width is a generous 40 cm enabling even larger sized lawns to be tackled. High up on its list of top-of-the-range specifications is the innovative CMM Cutting System that enables you to switch from collecting the grass to mulching with a simple flick of a switch. This makes the mower extremely versatile and able to deal effectively with a wide range of grass growing conditions including lawns and areas of rough as well as damp and dry grass. The Wolf Expert 40EA also benefits from a single lever height adjuster with 5 separate settings and a grass full indicator to let you know when to empty the large 55 litre collector. Other top-end features include a soft grip handle for comfort and firmer control as well as height adjustable handlebars that can be set to suit the operator. In addition, soft tyres mounted on ball bearing wheels help to even out any bumps and make for smoother motion. There is also a clever cable guide system (‘Flick-Flack’) that keeps the power lead away from your feet and Anti-kink to prevent tangles. An extended 20 m cable is supplied to enable you to reach all areas of your garden.

Mountfield HP454 Petrol Rotary Hand Propelled Lawnmower (Exclusive Special Offer) (Shop Soiled - slight scratch on deck)

Mountfield HP454 Petrol Rotary Hand Propelled Lawnmower (Exclusive Special Offer) (Shop Soiled – slight scratch on deck) £179.00
Representing exceptional value, with great specifications and a quality build, this hand propelled lawnmower is another MowDIRECT exclusive offer, and delivers the kind of great cutting power, durability and robust construction that you would normally expect to find way up in another price bracket. The deck is tough, sturdy pressed steel, for durability and a fine-looking finish. The engine is a 150cc Mountfield OHV model offering reliable operation and lots of power. This mower is a great starter, with an easy, smooth and dependable recoil pull. The 45 centimetre (18