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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - August 1st, 2013.
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MowDirect reduced the price on these lines today

Efco Multimate MM1 Grass Trimmer Attachment

Efco Multimate MM1 Grass Trimmer Attachment was £45.00 now £39.00
With its lightweight design (just 1.9kg) and adjustable handgrip, the Multimate Grass-Trimmer attachment is very comfortable to use and easy to control. Its 105mm nylon-line head (2mm line) will deal quickly and efficiently with light-duty trimming and tidying applications.

Efco 8061 Electric Grass-Trimmer

Efco 8061 Electric Grass-Trimmer was £79.95 now £69.00
If you’re looking for a simple but effective way to keep your fence-lines, lawn edges and flowerbed borders shipshape, then the Efco 8061 is the machine for you. It’s driven by a powerful 600w electric motor that’s equipped with a thermal cut-out to prevent damage in case of overheating; and it comes with a practical and convenient Tap ‘n’ Go nylon-line head, which means there’s minimal interruption to your work when you need new cutting-cord (just bump the head on the ground to spool-out the line). The Efco 8061 Electric Grass-Trimmer is incredibly lightweight (only 3.2kg) and has a rear-positioned motor, so it’s perfectly balanced. An ergonomic ‘loop’-type handle further enhances user-comfort. This model also features a quality steel drive-shaft, which is protected by a self-lubricating liner for added durability; and a 135