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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - September 11th, 2013.
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New items added today at Suttons Seeds

EnviroGro T5 Grow Light

EnviroGro T5 Grow Light £59.99
This superb quality grow light delivers performance, flexibility and high lumen output in any growing environment. It combines German specular aluminium and sockets (for longer life) with energy-efficient/high-output T5 bulbs (providing double the lamp energy of normal fluorescent systems). It also features 3 hanging options (overhead, vertical or horizontal), a power switch on the unit, powder coated, pre-galvanized steel housing, 5 year warranty (on ballast components) and 3m (10′) power cable. 58cm (23) x 18cm (7) x 7cm (2) deep.

ROOT'T Thermostat

ROOT’T Thermostat £34.99
As an optional extra why not add a thermostat for precision control. The thermostat controls the temperature of heat mats evenly in colder or warmer than normal environments. It provides constant optimum temperatures for specific plants. It has an easy plug-in operation with an illuminated indicator. Simply select and control the optimum rooting temperature for maximum propagation success!

Digital Max-Min Thermometer

Digital Max-Min Thermometer £12.99
This stylish thermometer features a large LED display that simultaneously displays the actual as well as the max and min temperatures. It measures temperature over the range of -20 to 69.9 C with a 0.1C resolution. The unit is housed in a case measuring 79 x 182 x 29mm (3 x 7 x 1), which incorporates a slot for hanging. Powered by a single AA battery (supplied).

Suttons Heritage Seed Box

Suttons Heritage Seed Box £6.99
Earlier this year we received a lovely email from a customer in New Zealand who was storing his seed packs in a one hundred year old Suttons seed tin given to him by his grandfather. It prompted us to ask our customers just how they were storing their seeds and not surprisingly we received a huge variety of answers ranging from cd cases, to ice cream tubs, cardboard boxes in the loft and a 1950 biscuit tin. Now’s your chance to purchase this lovely Heritage Seed Tin, which is based on the front cover design of one of our old catalogues and it measures 16cm (6) x 22cm (9) x 6cm (2) deep, to keep your seed packets dry and safe. Renowned for our quality and innovation, Suttons is extremely proud of its rich history as one of the original pillars of the Great British Gardening industry. Founded 1806 by John Suttons, Suttons opened the countrys first seed testing laboratory in 1840, sold the first ever foil sealed vacuum packed seeds in 1965 and have held the Royal warrant for over 140 years.

Bean (Broad) Seeds - De Monica

Bean (Broad) Seeds – De Monica £2.85
This superb, early-maturing variety grows well in low daylight conditions, producing bountiful crops of 15cm (6) long pods filled with 5-7 tasty, creamy-coloured beans per pod. Sow October-December & February-March. Harvest April-July.Early maturing, delicious podsWill grow in low light conditions

Broccoli Seeds - F1 Stromboli

Broccoli Seeds – F1 Stromboli £2.45
A first-class variety producing long, tasty, dark green florets. Resistant to blindness from autumn sowings. Sow successionally for a long harvest season. Sow February-June & September-October. Harvest May-October & March-April.Long, tasty, dark green floretsExcellent for spring or autumn sowingSow successionally for a long harvest

Ageratum Seeds - F1 Blue Planet

Ageratum Seeds – F1 Blue Planet £2.29
Cut flowers that last for up to 3 weeks in a vase! Tall, sturdy, branching plants topped with large flowers. Their height makes them a superb border plant, and an excellent addition to mixed bouquets too. Height 75cm (2′). HHA – Half-hardy annual.

Ageratum Seeds - F1 Fields of Dreams

Ageratum Seeds – F1 Fields of Dreams £2.29
Fluffy, sky-blue flowers on robust, bushy, vigorous-growing plants. Ideal for growing in a border. The colour is a lovely contrast to French marigolds. Height 25cm (10). Uniform habit. HHA – Half-hardy annual.

Tomato Seeds - F1 Firecracker

Tomato Seeds – F1 Firecracker £2.25
A compact, naturally trailing variety which is ideal for pot, basket or patio. Throughout the season plants will produce around 60-80 fruits, each weighing approximately 30-35g. Compact, trailing habitPerfect for pot, containers or baskets60-80 tomatoes per plant