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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - September 11th, 2013.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these lines

Greenfingers Khufu Cascade Water Feature

Greenfingers Khufu Cascade Water Feature was £12.49 now £6.99
With its Egyptian feel this Greenfingers Khufu Cascade Water Feature will complement any d

Hunnington Barometer

Hunnington Barometer was £23.99 now £11.99
The Hunnington Barometer and Weather Station houses a barometer thermometer and hygrometer within an attractive antique brass effect frame. The antique design gives rise to the expression of atmospheric pressure in inches the temperature in degrees Celsius and the change in thermal conductivity of air due to humidity is measured in %RH. Ideal for decorating any interior or exterior wall or even placing in your conservatory it will easily complement any d

FSC Fir Slatted Bin Tidy

FSC Fir Slatted Bin Tidy was £64.99 now £54.99
Camouflage your wheelie bins and stop them from blowing over in the wind with this FSC Fir Slatted Bin Tidy. It is a great bin tidy to help conceal all types of wheelie bins and the locking swing-door should stop animals from getting in. This superb bin tidy will help to stop the bins from blowing over. The slats in the wood allow for maximum ventilation and the wide door is the perfect size for most bins. A hinged lid allows the easy entry of waste.The solid construction and ACQ pressure treatment of the timber will ensure that this Bin Tidy will last for years and stand up to all types of weather. Manufactured from high quality Fir sourced from FSC Certified managed forests. 75 x 90 x 122cm highPlease carefully check the dimensions of your bin before you purchase this Bin Tidy.

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