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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - September 13th, 2013.
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New products today at Suttons Seeds

Nut Tree - Walnut Lara

Nut Tree – Walnut Lara £39.99
A magnificent tree for the larger garden, Lara is self-fertile, producing creamy-flavoured nuts from September. Grafted onto Juglans regia rootstock. Height 12m (39′).Ever thought of growing your own nuts? It’s very easy and rewarding! Many nuts are very nutritious and have health-giving properties and the trees are very ornamental too!

Citrus Tree - Red Lime

Citrus Tree – Red Lime £34.99
This little-known lime tree has green fruit that eventually turn an orange-red colour, and are sweeter than a normal lime! A native of South East Asia, it certainly deserves a place of choice on your terrace. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.FREE FLEECE with every Citrus Tree!

Apricot Tree - Petit Muscat

Apricot Tree – Petit Muscat £29.99
In our opinion, Petit Muscat is perhaps the finest tasting apricot of all! The self-fertile trees are smothered in walnut-sized fruit that is remarkable for its intense fruit juicy sweetness. Ready to pick in late August.Remarkably hardy varieties that will crop heavily in the open in the south of England, but are best grown against a south-facing wall or fence. Grown on Montclaire rootstock (the latest for apricots), which gives a very manageable tree that fruits heavily. Eat them fresh from the tree or preserve them for a taste of summer later in the year.

Aprium Tree - Cot'n Candy

Aprium Tree – Cot’n Candy £29.99
Strong growing trees producing a bountiful September harvest of delicious fruit that boast crunchy, almost white flesh with a very sweet and aromatic flavour. The trees are grafted onto seedling peach and are self-sterile, so will need an early flowering plum (such as Beauty) to pollinate them. (Aprium is a cross between apricot and plum.)

Nectarine Tree - Queen Ruby

Nectarine Tree – Queen Ruby £24.99
A very productive tree with large fruit whose skins are cream, washed with red. The firm, juicy white-fleshed fruit are delicious eaten fresh. Harvest July-August. Grown on St Julien A rootstock.

Raspberry Plants - Autumn Twin Pack

Raspberry Plants – Autumn Twin Pack £24.99
This autumn twin pack contains 10 plants (5 of each variety):Joan J – An outstanding spine-free raspberry that is one of the last to crop …. right into October. Produces an abundance of large, bright, juicy berries, with a truly delicious flavour. Plus it comes out of the freezer tasting as sweet and delicious as the day it was picked. As a primocane variety, it fruits on newly produced canes – harvest the first berries from late July/early August, and keep picking right through to the first frosts in October/November!Autumn Treasure – Self-supporting and spine-free! A first-class primocane variety bred at East Malling. The large, mouth-watering berries should be ready to harvest from late August/early September, and the canes are erect, self supporting and spine-free for easy picking.

Pear Tree - Red Williams

Pear Tree – Red Williams £24.99
An excellent, easy-to-grow early variety for picking from late August, to eat during September. It produces delicious fruit with an attractive and uniform red sheen when they’re ripe. One of the easiest of trees to grow. Grown on Quince A rootstock giving a tree with moderate vigour and promoting pears to fruit at an early age.

Raspberry Plants - Glen Ample

Raspberry Plants – Glen Ample £23.98
A high yielding summer-fruiting raspberry much favoured by professional growers. The large, round and conical-shaped berries have an excellent flavour and hold well on the spine-free canes. Harvest early-late July.

Gage Tree - Reine Claude Doree

Gage Tree – Reine Claude Doree £21.99
A beautiful gage plum, in the continental style, that are ready from mid August. The fruits are larger than greengages and ripen to a golden green tinged with pink, and the flesh has a honey sweetness that is really best enjoyed straight from the tree – absolutely delicious!Grafted on St Julien A rootstock which is semi-dwarfing, providing a medium sized tree of 2-2.5m (7-8′).