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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - September 13th, 2013.
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MowDirect has cut the price of this product

MD 4-in-1 Multi Tool

MD 4-in-1 Multi Tool was £169.95 now £149.95
This practical, powerful and exclusive 4-in-1 Multi-Tool delivers excellent value for money, quality cutting, trimming and pruning power and is the ideal all-round hand-held neatening solution for your garden. Offering you convenience as well as saving time, energy and money, the well balanced, MD 4-in-1 Multi Tool gives you a hedge cutter, line trimmer, brush cutter and long range pruner in one. The straight shaft power unit is fitted with a 25.4cc 2-stroke petrol engine, full crank for extra reliability, and has a very easy to use recoil start with full and half choke for dependable starting at all times. The engine has a diaphragm carburettor, a type that can be mounted in virtually any position so ideal for this kind of variable position tool, and also known to be lighter, with a self contained vacuum powered fuel pump. An automatic centrifugal clutch makes fingertip control of the Multi-Tool very easy and saves on saves on wear and tear. The power unit section has a ‘D’ shaped handle with a stand bar for firm and comfortable control and incorporates anti-vibration technology for reduced fatigue. A shoulder harness is also included for proper support. All four of the attachments can be fitted easily and quickly, clicking in place in seconds without tools, allowing you to move from one job to another with ease. The curved-shaft line trimmer is ideal for mowing grass or trimming borders and lawn edges or weed trimming on paths and drives without damage. It comes with an auto-feeding, double line-head and has a 381mm cutting width. If you need to deal with tougher, thicker weeds and grass, and those long overgrown corners, the tri-toothed, sharp-bladed brushcutter with straight shaft is the perfect attachment. It has a safety guard fitted and a cutting width of 20.5cm. The long reach hedgetrimmer attachment has a sharp and tough cutting bar with a good practical length of 37cm, a cutting capacity of 2.4 cm, and reciprocating double-sided blades for heavy-duty hedge and shrub trimming. It has an easily adjustable rotation through 180