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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - October 24th, 2013.
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New products added today at Plant Me Now

Grow Your Own Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Grow Your Own Pink Oyster Mushrooms £3.95
Contains 50g of cereal grains which the spawn is carried on. Suitable for growing on Mushroom Growing Boards. Grow and harvest your own fresh mushrooms, delicious with light meat dishes. Revered in Asian cuisine for its excellent flavour and almost meaty texture. Superb grilled or fried with a little seasoning and best served with light meats such as chicken, pork and seafood.

Grow Your Own White Button Mushrooms

Grow Your Own White Button Mushrooms £3.95
Contains 50gs of cereal grains which carry the mushroom spawn. Grow and harvest your own fresh mushrooms with that much loved classic flavour. The traditional, popular favourite, a versatile all round mushroom suitable for a large range of dishes. With the typical mushroom flavour and aroma we all know and love.

Green Manure Winter Rye Seeds

Green Manure Winter Rye Seeds £1.85
One of the very besst over wintering green manures, growing through much of the winter. Produces large amouts of fiborous roots to improve soil structure and reduce soil compaction. Prevents important nutrients being washed from the soil by wet winter weather.

Cat Grass Seeds

Cat Grass Seeds £1.60
Provides cats with tasty shoots. Ready in just a few days. A Purr-fect treat for feline friends

Cress Heads Children's Seeds

Cress Heads Children’s Seeds £1.30
Growing cress always reminds me of the fun I had growing it as a child. They’re such easy seeds to grow. Just sprinkle some seeds on moist cotton wool and cover until the seeds start to shoot. You can could put the cotton wool inside an egg shell, draw a face and watch the hair grow!