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Getting ready for winter

by Diane - October 25th, 2013.
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There are weather rumours of massive snowfall in November.
That’ll be after the huge storm predicted for this weekend.

Be prepared. Get a snow shovel. It makes light work of clearing snow by being lighter than a normal shovel and have wider blades so you move more.

Wait til the snow has stopped, but clear it before people walk on it. It is always easier. Throw a little grit down on the cleared area and it should stay clear.

Einhell MSF 570 Manual Snow Plough
Winters are becoming harsher and large scale snow clearing machines are getting more popular, but snow and ice know no boundaries and can cause as much chaos for the small householder as for the larger property. So what do you do? Shovelling is back breaking work but we all need to clear the snow so we can go about our business and not risk injury to our visitors or ourselves. Well, if a shovel is not quite right and a snow blower is too heavy duty, why not try this nifty and affordable solution from those clever German people at Einhell. The Einhell MSF 570 manual snow plough is perfect for an urban or suburban household and, with a 57 centimetre working width, it is ideal for those who need to clear snow away from a small drive or path with the minimum of stress and strain and but want more than just an ordinary shovel. The MSF 570 is very easy to use, and has a concave blade, which works in conjunction with a revolving auger. The auger works on the ‘Archimedes Screw’ principle, churning up the snow and pushing it to the side (to the right) as you ease forward. Built to a good working height to prevent you having to bend, the Einhell MSF 570 Snow Plough has a double handle bar, specially shaped to ensure comfortable use and is easily foldable for compact storage. The blade and auger are constructed from durable, impact and corrosion resistant plastic and the handlebar of powder-coated metal with ergonomic plastic grip. Well made, lightweight and effective, this could be the ideal solution for snow clearing in the coming months and it carries a reassuring two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Garant Large Canadian Snow Shovel/Pusher (45cm/18\")
When the snow starts to come down, when the roads start to block up and the thermometer plummets, there are times when you just need to get out there and shift the snow. You have to make your walkways safe and sound and be able to get out as well as make it possible for the delivery person, postman or anyone else to gain access to your house or business. But do you keep a snow shovel in your garage or porch or a snow pusher? Well how about both? This nifty, neat and sturdy Garant Nordic Large Shovel/Pusher is a great, affordable quality solution to your snow-clearing problems. Garant is a long established, well-respected company from Canada, so they are certainly no strangers to snow. In fact they have been making tools for 115 years and their continuous investment in both new technologies and a highly skilled and experienced workforce are now one of the leading manufacturers of snow removal equipment in Canada. The Garant Nordic Large Snow Shovel/Pusher is ergonomic and lightweight and melds all that Canadian snow clearing experience, innovation and knowhow into a simple, dual-purpose tool which is well made, practical and as comfortable pushing snow as it is shovelling. The commercial grade shovel/pusher is extra long to make it user-friendly and reduce the amount of bending required to push or lift snow. The corrosion proof and weather resistant, robust poly pusher/shovel head delivers a working width of 45 centimetres (18\”) so a good-sized load can be handled each time. The shaft is natural ash, frequently used in high-grade tool manufacture for its natural flexibility, shock-absorption and resistance to splitting and decay. The handle is the traditional and comfortable D-shape, easy to grip and use for both pushing and shovelling movements. The Shovel/Pusher head is secured by a unique locking mechanism, so no tools are required and the high quality materials used in construction ensure this practical and versatile tool is built to do the job time and time again.

LNT Magic Ice Melt Original (10kg bag)
When the snow hits and the cold bites, chaos ensues and the last few years have seen some serious congestion, shutdowns and other problems caused by the inclement weather. So when the spreaders come out, you need something really effective to keep the ice and snow at bay. But what? This hard-working, professional product from LNT is the answer. It will keep your paths, yards, car parks LNT Magic Ice Melt Original is an easy and effective de-icing product used worldwide by airports. 10kg will cover up to 2000m2. Which is six to ten times the coverage of rock salt, saving you money and time. This ice melt will not corrode metal or concrete and is non-toxic, not only to humans, but to plants and animals as well. It will not harm Astroturf, stain carpets or scratch your flooring if walked in, is biodegradable and is very clean and safe. This means it can be used in sports centres, schools, and colleges and on all-weather pitches, playing fields and playgrounds with no problems. Available in this handy 10kg bag, LNT Magic Ice Melt Original is free flowing and easy to use.

Wolf-Garten 42cm Plastic Snow-Shovel (SNM-42ZMAD)
Extreme winter-weather has become more and more frequent in the past few years, so you’ve probably had to clear snow and ice from paths and driveways on an increasingly regular basis. If so, the Wolf-Garten SNM-42ZMAD Plastic Snow-Shovel will prove an invaluable purchase, with its generous 42cm clearing-width and large shovel-head making it possible to lift and throw large volumes of snow in quick time. The Wolf-Garten SNM-42ZMAD is made from lightweight but hardwearing plastic and features a comfortable ‘D’-grip handle, so you’ll find it far easier to work with than your old garden shovel.

Wolf-Garten 55cm Plastic Snow-Shovel (SNM-55ZMAD)
If the last few winters have seen you attempting to clear pavements, driveways and roads with your unwieldy old garden shovel, then you’ll know only too well how difficult it can be. Developed specifically for snow-clearance, the Wolf-Garten SNM-55ZMAD is the perfect solution, with its ultra-lightweight design and comfortable ‘D’-type handle ensuring you’ll be able to finish what can be an arduous task without breaking your back. Offering the largest clearing-width in the range (55cm), the Wolf-Garten SNM-55ZMAD Plastic Snow-Shovel is suitable for the most demanding domestic snow-clearing applications.

LNT Magic Ice Melt (18.75 kg tub)
When it comes to shifting snow and ice from your goods yard, drive, road or runway, clearing your areas and keeping them clear can prove to be quite a task. So many de-icing products do not live up to their names or reputations; some don’t cover well, some are toxic, some are corrosive and some just don’t work. So maybe its time to try this well established and valued de-icing product which is biodegradable, safe and clean and really does live up to its name, covering an area six to ten times more than that covered by the equivalent quantity of rock salt (up to up to 2000m2 per 10kg of ice melt) and saving you money, time and effort in the process. Already used by airports worldwide, the LNT Magic Ice Melt is the real deal and is non-corrosive to concrete and metal. Non-toxic to humans, other animals and plants and flowers, the LNT Magic Ice Melt will not harm Astroturf or all-weather pitches so can be used at sports centres and visitor attractions. It won’t scratch flooring if walked in on boots, is safe to use on playing fields and will not harm or stain fabric, so can be distributed without the need for special clothing. In fact, Magic Ice Melt can be used just about anywhere, even schools or colleges, with excellent results.

Wolf-Garten 45cm Aluminium Snow-Shovel (SNM-45ZMAD)
A traditional shovel might be suitable for gardening or DIY purposes, but when used for the clearance of deep, compacted snow, they can be far too heavy and unwieldy. The Wolf-Garten SNM-45ZMAD provides the perfect solution, with its lightweight aluminium construction and comfortable ‘D’-type handle ensuring you’ll be able to shift large amounts of snow without putting too much strain on your back. The Wolf-Garten SNM-45ZMAD Aluminium Snow-Shovel has a large-sized 45cm clearing-width for a faster work-rate. Despite its lightweight design, it’s incredibly robust and will remain impact- and shock-resistant in temperatures as low as minus 40-degrees Celsius.

Stiga Snow Electric 31 Snow Blower
The weather is unpredictable, whatever the forecasters say, and a sudden fall of snow can wreak havoc with your daily routine, affecting work, school and shopping amongst other things. Clearing snow with a shovel can be wearing and stressful on the back and so this neat, compact, lightweight and simple electric Snow Blower, with a working width of 31 centimetres, could revolutionise your snow clearing when the white stuff comes down. Built with the smaller household in mind, the Stiga Snow Electric 31 Snow Thrower is the perfect alternative to a shovel, and is compact and light enough to hang up on your porch coat hooks with the winter coats or store in the shed with the other tools, but powerful enough to clear up snow easily from your yard and throw it up to five metres away. Working like a kind of electric shovel, with a powerful 1100 electric mains powered motor, the Stiga Snow Electric 31 Snow Thrower is designed for hard surfaces and has a working width of 31 centimetres and an intake height of 23 centimetres, so will clear small drives, paths, patios and areas of decking very effectively. There are no wheels, the Electric 31 uses snowshoes, which slide along the surface, over the ice and snow, so it can clear right down to the ground. Ergonomic handles make this a very comfortable machine to use. The handle is telescopic so you can work at the correct height for your posture and the handgrip is adjustable. All this plus a reliable electric switch start and easy storage, in season or out, make this the ideal solution to winter’s potential chaos

MD 80P Walk-Behind Spreader
Every year thousands of people slip and fall, causing themselves injury, and when the path is icy, the risk is greater. The last thing you want is a member of staff, the public, your family or a visitor coming a cropper on the ice when you could have prevented it. Factor in the problems of keeping up and running when ice and snow clog up your yard, car park or forecourt and suddenly a snowfall becomes a crisis. This is what salt and ice melt spreaders were made for, and the MD 80P Walk-Behind Spreader is one of the best example of a simple, easy and affordable way to clear your paths and walkways, keep them clear and make them safe when snow and ice come to call. With a larger capacity of 36kg (80lbs) the MD 80P Walk-Behind Spreader can cover plenty of area before you have to refill and the weather and corrosion proof hopper is made of strong and durable polypropylene, bright red in colour for greater visibility. The flow rate of your spreading material can be adjusted to suit and is controlled from the right side handle with a large and simple to operate lever, making it easy and convenient to calibrate the distribution of ice melts or salt, even when on the move. The spreading width is up to three metres. The handle has a comfort grip, which is very welcome if you are walking around for long hours and insulates your hands from the metal frame handle. The frame is constructed from robust powder coated steel. The wheels are a good size and come fitted with robust and deeply patterned pneumatic tyres, the diamond patterning delivering superior traction even on ice or moving through slush. The handle is fully foldable, enabling you to store and transport this compact and useful spreader with ease, and it comes with a hopper screen. NB: Always remember to clean your spreader after use. This reduces the chance of corrosion and any long-term damage.